Is it gambling to involve in Politics and IAS for devotees?

Is it gambling to involve in Politics and IAS for devotees?

Actual Questions from Two devotees:


Hare Krishna Prabhuji Thank you for making us strong. You are pillar. I regularly read your counselling. I want to ask one question: Can you please tell me is it wrong if I go for IAS as a career? I really want to serve people and want to do something so that I can help millions of lives of Harijans. But I dont wanna leave KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS. I want to be first class devotee. How I can be first class devotee and manage all these worldly effects? Should I leave career and just focus on spirituality? Pls help me Thank You Give me your blessings so that I can advance in my main aim of getting Krishna.


Whether we should be politically active or not….Prabhuji, We have been studying in both Bhagwadgita and Shreemad Bhagwatam that in this age of kaliyuga,The so called politicians are sudras and almost have mentality of third class vision and mission…I want to ask a simple question…being krishna conscious should we take interest in politics of today…should we not boycott it totally and never vote…by voting we are anyways selecting that candidate who is already a rapist/meat eater/illegal/tax evasor/non entity who has nothing to do with kc as well as real poor people…

What are your views on it…as these so called politicians are so fake,money grumbling man eaters should we totally abstain from voting and also talk about them….and how to get rid of people who ask us about our political views every now and then…


Politics is not a career, but service.

A career is chosen for rewards and appreciation; A service is chosen for serving the people.

A devotee can shine in any field except the fields that are prohibited in the regulative principles.

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What are the prohibited businesses?

(i) Lottery, Racing, betting, Gambling, ‘Day trading’ of shares and commodities, pyramid schemes, etc.

(ii) Selling intoxicants and liquors.

(iii) Dat….g services, M-F friends club, businesses that involve usage of women for s..x (indecent hotels, logdes, Prost…….ion homes, etc).

(iv) Killing and/ or Selling animals for food. Sale of meat, fish, eggs, egg based cakes, etc.

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Thus, there are some prohibited businesses for those devotees who like to elevate in devotion to Krishna.

Politics does not come under prohibited or illegal activity.

So, the devotees can involve in politics and change the political scenario as an example for others.

see, we should learn from the good quality of every person. I always see the self confidence of the politicians who tirelessly try again and again though they are defeated in the elections and one day they get elected.

A candidate spends huge money and many days of campaigning door to door.  They work for it for 4-5 years. But, in the elections, they get defeated.

Do they stop with that?

They try again and win.

I like this winning spirit without getting collapsed with the defeats.

So, learn this good winning spirit from the politicians.  Do not follow many of their cheating spirit.  You try to change the scene.

Unless one enters into a service with an idea of reforming, he can not serve.


Since both the Politics and IAS are connected with each other in serving the people, my following advice are suitable for both the Politics and IAS for devotees:

In fact, everyone of us are involving in Politics.  How?

By voting in the elections.

Actually, every citizen is in a position to honour two sets of rules:

(1) Rules recommended by the scriptures;

(2) Rules recommended by the Governments.

The rules of the scriptures must be followed to cultivate the athma and take it to his destination Paramathma.

The rules of the countries must be followed to cultivate/ maintain this body to help the athma to achieve its goal.

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If we do not follow the government rules, we can’t live in this world peacefully and we will always be in trouble.

For example, keeping left is the traffic rule in India.  If you do not follow that rule, you will be either caught by the police or accident.

Paying income tax if your income is above a certain limit is the Government rule.  If you do not pay the tax and if the I.T department finds it, you will be fined or jailed.

Thus, you may be a great devotee close to Krishna.  telling that as excuse, you can’t escape from government rules.

Even Krishna, who is the creator of all the creations, honoured the systems of earth by taking birth through the womb and left this planet by being attacked by a hunter (though He can just appear and disappear suddenly).

Therefore, By being a disciplined person, we are helping this country and the society. By following the Govt rules, we are helping this country to remain peaceful.

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Same applies for politics and IAS.  Only the politicians can rule the country and only the IAS Officers should work along with them.  They are kshatriyas.  If a person is ready to perform his assigned duties without the attachment to results, anyone can be a devotee – a brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya or sudra.  No barrier for that.

Thus, even a politician and the IAS (kshatriya) can remain a good devotee.

King Janaka was a great devotee though he is the king. 

Pandavas were the kings. 

Krishna Himself was a king of Dwaraka.

Therefore, it is not a gambling to involve in Politics and IAS for devotees. Nothing wrong.  But, you should follow devotion sincerely.  This is the only condition.

Even now, there are some politicians here and there, who are spiritually inclined.

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If everyone considers politics as muddy and avoid it, how can it be cleansed?  The atrocities will never end.  If you decide to be straightforward in all conditions, you too can involve in politics.

If a politician decides, he can atleast try to cleanse the system, whether he succeeds or not.  Only a politician can do that.

If  a collector (IAS) decides to use the government money for welfare schemes properly, he can do many services to the people.

Therefore, if you are not interested in politics and administration, do not involve in that.  But, if anyone is willing to do some good services  to the country as a politician or an administrator, he can do that and he can remain as an example to other politicians and administrators by being straightforward.  He may either fail or succeed in this effort.  But, it is not wrong in taking part in politics and administration.

Politicians are also humans.  The IAS officers are also well learnt persons from good families. Many IAS officers are doing their duties well.  Though many politicians are involving in corruption, there are some good politicians also even now.  You should be an example for others as a good and devotional politician or an administrator.


We have seen many gurus and religious personalities are meeting these politicians to greet them or to get some projects cleared.  Why the spiritual persons should meet the politicians or IAS officers?  Because, One can’t do any service without the support of the government, of course, politicians and administrators.

Therefore, if becoming an IAS officer is your aim, try seriously for that.  If you like to involve in politics and if you can bear the challenges in that UNSTABLE service, do that but also keep in mind that politics is very difficult till you establish your image among people.

If you like to serve the people as an individual, you can help to some persons individually.

If you decide to serve through politics or IAS, you can help many temples and the devotees and their preaching activities.  You can give a boost to the activities of the devotees by supporting them as a VIP.  This is also possible only by the politicians and Administrative officers.

Decide which is your way of serving the people  – Politics or IAS.

Hope you have understood my point about Politics and IAS for devotees.

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Author: RAJAN

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