Is writing entrance exams a gambling as majority fail in the exam?

Is writing entrance exams a gambling as majority fail in the exam?

A girl student devotee (I have hidden name) asked like this:

“Dandavat pranam ….I m a medical student nd I ll be giving my entance exam for  exam this year….

nd this is a lot of competition…so as a devotee m I supposed to be completely honest with my fellow competitors? Or should i be competitive as per the requirement Plz help …I get stuck at small small things …m sorry”


Only gambling is not recommended in Krishna consciousness.  If the legal system of a country to get admission in a school or college is writing an entrance exam, we must write that.  Competition can not be avoided.

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Competing is not a gambling activity.

Because, if there are 10 vacancies and the applicants are also 10 or 9, there is no need for any competition. But, if the vacancies are 10, but the applicants are 1000 what can be done to select 10 candidates?  They need to select based on the screening test only.  By conducting a screening test, they can select the top 10 rankers.  Isn’t it?

Competition is existing even since ancient period.  For kshatriyas, fighting wars is also dharma.  Even in the case of common people, there have been instances in which many men have competed to marry a single girl.  There can be competition among boys or girls to marry a particular person.

If a shop has only one piece of a particular jewel, two women may compete for buying that.

We have seen auction sale of goods in the market.  The person who asked the largest price will be given the commodity.

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Thus, competition will be everywhere.  When the demand is more , but, supply is less, there will definitely be some competition.

So, prepare for your entrance exam well and try your best to perform well.  if you get the seat, good.  if you do not get, that means, Krishna has something else for you.

Now, your question: Is writing entrance exams a gambling?


In gambling, the money invested/ paid by thousands of people goes to a single person. For example, in Lottery tickets, lakhs of people invest, but, only a very few get the prize.  You gain at the cost of the money of others.


At the same time, an electronics shop announces a lucky draw among the buyers of 10 days and they give a car as a prize in lots among the bill numbers of buyers. You buy something for your need. You get a car as prize in lucky draw.  This is not gambling because, no one loses money.  All others have got some electronic goods for the money paid by them. The shop has offered you the car out of their huge profit and they have used this lucky draw as promotional event. No one has lost money.

Thus, there is a difference between gambling and prizes.

When I visit the temples of Vishnu, some times the Pujari would tell me to wait for a minute. He would give holy water and tulasi for all the devotees there. Finally, he would bring a piece of flower mala from the deity and give me with smile. Because, I would have offered some good amount in the plate shown by the pujari compared to others because, I usually consider offering very small money like Rs 2 or 3 on the plate for pujaris insulting to him because they should live happily since they have dedicated their life for serving the Lord. Seeing my good heart to spare some more money on plate, he gives extra gift of the small piece of mala from the deity.

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I usually accept it without refusing as he shows his gratitude and it is insulting to refuse his offering of flower mala to me.  Even for the supporters of our site, whenever they support, I give private thanking message sparing my time of a few minutes as a recognition of their support. It is not giving special treatment for some devotees alone and neglecting others. Why? Because, it is a good manner of reciprocation we should show by thanking those who support our service.  Similarly, we should thank and pray for those who help us by money, time and body. Same way, I will have to be extra caring with those who support us with money, shares, etc . It is not wrong to encourage their support in possible manner.

Krishna is also like that. He gives the facilities to live for all the people without partiality, but , He is extra caring to those who spreads or helps to spread His messages to the world. This does not mean that Krishna is partial to some devotees only. If we like to get extra care, we have to show extra efforts by serving the Lord. Give and Take Policy applies in everything. Giving more efforts for serving the Lord will help a devotee to Get extra Mercy from Krishna. Krishna calls such devotees as His dearest devotee.

Thus, giving some extra benefits for someone for their dedication to a shop is not wrong. Lottery takes away all the money of lakhs of people and accumulate to a single person. So, this is gambling.

But, in entrance exams and job competitions, we do not lose our existing money. Lakhs of people write because there are just a few thousand seats. It is a skill test, not a lucky draw.

So, do not fear thinking writing entrance exams a gambling.

Though you write hundred exams, only if you are entitled as per your karma, you will get a seat in a college or you will get a job winning the exam.

So, study well for any exam and perform your level best. Your karma will take care of other things whether you will get the seat or not.

So, be relieved.

All the best.

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Author: RAJAN

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