Is thinking of sinful acts equal to the sins in actions?

Is thinking of sinful acts equal to the sins in actions?

Actual Question:

how to avoid creating bad and sinful Karmas through thoughts and imagination…. is these kinds of karma creates as dreadful results as sin created through actions…. I usually think and imagine which I should not …. it has just become a habit of me…. I want to get rid of it….. please hide my name



Even thinking of sinful acts also adds to karma.

Because he is called as pretender by Krishna in Bhagavad Gita.

In Chapter-3, Sloka-6, Lord Says:

“One who restrains the senses of action but whose mind dwells on sense objects certainly deludes himself and is called a pretender.”

What does this mean?

One should not just abandon the action through senses.  He should also not think of sense related actions within mind.  Otherwise, he is a pretender.  That means, he is showing himself as a controlled person, but, he is doing sinful acts within mind.

Why even thinking of sinful acts also sinful?

Because, such persons will one day fall down by committing such sins even by physical means.

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Let a boy is always thinking of girls within mind but does not disturb them. Because of this domination of unwanted thoughts, he will become restless whenever he sees girls. His mind will keep on inducing his senses to experience the thoughts.

He will control it by force and start to do his other works like studies.  Since the mind and the senses are in induced state, his mind will not actively involve in studies. Whenever he reads a lesson, the girls will come before his eyes from within his mind.

The nature of mind is that it will fill itself with a certain thought that is more attractive.  That is why, we see a T.V Program or movie very eagerly and we forget all our surroundings while watching them.

Since the studies need more efforts and the thoughts of girls are voluntary and has no limits, his mind will naturally think of girls only even when he sees a text book.

Thus, he will not do well in studies though he has all the talents.

The serious aspect of thinking of sinful acts is, THE MIND WILL NOT STOP INDUCING UNTIL YOU DO THAT ACT IN ACTION.

Therefore, when an opportunity comes in which we happen to remain with a girl in privacy, the mind finds it easy to induce us to talk to her indicating our willingness and to know her readiness to involve in physical interaction.

If she is also in an induced condition because she was also dreaming of boys, then, the interaction happens and they will not like to avoid it.  Senses are that much powerful to make our mind’s positive thoughts inactive when a good opportunity comes.

Same applies in murders also.

One may be willing to enjoy the properties of his father immediately since his father has more life.  He will first demand the share of his properties again and again.  When the father refuses to split the properties, the mind of that son reminds him the thoughts of a movie in which a son killed his father to enjoy his properties immediately.  These thoughts get strongly recorded in his mind.  However, he will not dare to kill his father because of his some good nature also.

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When the quarrel becomes serious between that son and the father about the property issues, the nasty mind again induces that son to make use of this opportunity to finish his father.  Since the son will be seriously angry with the quarrel, he will suddenly take something and attack his father to death.

Why this happened?  Because he gave place for such thoughts in his mind.  Since the mid did its work perfectly by reminding and inducing him, he commit a great sin of killing his father himself.

Now, I hope you have understood why Krishna has advised us not to even think of sinful acts because when we give space for such sinful thoughts in our mind, the mind will always be looking for an opportunity to make us commit that sinful act.

Therefore, engage your mind in higher thoughts like Self realization, God realization, studies, coming up in life, not longing for anything seriously, the nature of giving up when something is not possible, etc.

Develop a duty bound nature and concentrate in performing your duties without any fixation of results.  Just take efforts for good cause.  Leave the results to Lord.

Such an approach will protect you from even thinking of sinful acts.

Hope you are clear now.

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