Spiritual Kama & Material Kama – Differences!

Spiritual Kama & Material Kama – Differences!

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Jai Shree Krishna ! I came across this article of yours, https://krishnatoday.com/intimacy-in-goloka-with-krishna/. And I must say it was the first time I read something about a s-x life in goloka. I have a confusion though. In many places I keep reading that the material s-x life is a perverted reflected of spiritual s-x life. Does this mean it is not literally the s-x we experience here? But then ,In other places I keep reading (for example your website) that this spiritual s-x life is only experienced in madhurya Bhav. And that there is a ‘conjugal union’ . So I am unsure what exactly spiritual s-x means. I am very sorry if my question came across as rude , it is the first time I am asking something here. I came across this website a few weeks and it’s really good. Thanks “


This is very simple. I need not write about this elaborately.

In the Bhagavad Gita (7-11) Krishna says that He is the Kama that is not contrary to religious principles.

So, Kama (s-x) is not a bad word if it does not violate the rules recommended by the scriptures.

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Ok, What are called Spiritual Kama & Material Kama?

If you do something to satisfy Krishna, it is Spiritual;

If you do something to satisfy your own senses, it is material.


How can Kama (s-x) be spiritual?

In the material interactions between two persons, every person will try to satisfy himself. He may not bother about satisfying the another person.

Whereas, in the spiritual interactions between two persons, every person tries to satisfy the opposite person.

Let us see the example from the Krishna Leelas.

The lilas between Krishna and Gopis are not material.

They are spiritual. Why?

In their lilas, the Gopis did not involve to satisfy themselves; Instead, they wanted to satisfy Krishna.

Krishna actually do not need pleasures as He is always fully satisfied. So, Krishna takes part in those lilas to satisfy His devotees, ie, Gopis.

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Thus, Krishna lilas happened because of the mutual desire of both the parties (Krishna and Gopis) to satisfy the opposite person.

After marrying all the 16,108 queens, Krishna lived a life of grahastha in 16,108 palaces. He too expanded as 16,108 Krishnas and lived with every queen in every palace.

Every queen would try all the tricks to agitate Krishna’s desires, but Krishna could not be agitated because Krishna Himself is the reservoir of pleasures and he does not require pleasure from others.

However, He too led a grahastha life to satisfy those queens and begot 10 children through each queen.

Thus, in the spiritual relationships, A satisfies B and B satisfiies A.

A’s aim is not to satisfy himself; Similarly, B’s aim is not to satisfy himself/herself.

Ha Ha, the beauty in Spiritual relationship is, both the parties will compete to satisfy each other.

A devotee always glorifies Krishna; Similarly, Krishna adds Glories to His devotee.

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This mutual glorification will always be there in the spiritual relationship.

This is what happening in the Goloka, the kingdom mof Krishna.

As said by Sri Caitanya Maha prabhu, S–x with Krishna is to please Krishna, not to please ourselves.

Similarly, Krishna permits it to please His devotees.

For a Pure devotee there is no such aspect like his own satisfaction.

A Pure devotee has ONLY ONE desire.

It is to satisfy Krishna.

If he is a devotee in madhurya bhava with Kruishna, He uses even Kama to please Krishna.

Such devotees in madhurya bhava with Krishna takes part in the s–xual exchanges with Krishna in the Goloka.

This is the actual meaning of the statement of sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu about the possibility of the s–x with Krishna in the Goloka.

Are you clear now about Spiritual Kama & Material Kama – Differences!?


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