Sir Im into a big problem which I think only you can solve.Im from west Bengal and from childhood habituated to non veg food. Latter after marriage I started daily Pooja .There was no problem I faced. But when I stated to worshiop Lord Krishna at home and did a lot research on Lord Krishna Puja procedure at home I realised that we should Not eat non veg food so with mutual consent with my husband we both stopped eating non veg food. After that through various website I got confused with onion garlic also. West Bengal is such a place where avoiding non veg is still possible but avoiding onion garlic is not possible. My husband is in marketing job and he takes lunch outside home. Im diabetic patient and sometimes I also feel ill when we have to order food from outside.  In those situation we can not avoid onion garlic. But after reading all about onion garlic in website I get panic when such situation comes when we eat onion garlic. after eating I get fear to touch even a diya or dhup stick in puja mandir. So please advise is this a phycological problem where I need to consult doctor or else what can I do. I have one more question that onion garlic eating is not similar killing and eating meat. its like other vegetable.so why there is so restriction in eating those and why people call it similar to eating cow meat. If i get your blessings as answer then I can get back to normal life.


Onion and garlic of course have a few good effects on heart and B.P.  I do not deny that. But, it has more negative effects than positive effects.



So, Onion and Garlic may help to remain with less disturbance of a disease, but, they can not extend the fixed date of death.

If we see all products on this basis of temporary comforts, we have to take all products – even banned products.

If one smokes a cigarette, it gives refreshment for 1 hour. After One hour? He becomes weaker than his usual strength.  And in due course of time,  the poisonous chemicals encourage the mutation or cells overacting and hence some bad cells start to grow independently that do not come under the control of drugs. These cell overacting and these excessive growth of ADAMENT cells is called cancer.  Even the menthol mist cool cigarettes have these negative effects also.

If one takes liquor or ganja, he forgets all your worries for 4-6 hours and he FALSELY flies in the sky and even go to heaven. After 6 hrs? His regular problems would have aggravated further and attack him. After a few years, this liquor causes degeneration of the liver.  So, death earlier. The liquor made him fly in the sky and at the same time, gives many negative results also.

Having sex is very enjoyable for 5 minutes. One flies like anything.  But, after each and every time of sex, his/ her life time is reduced by a few hours.  Why?  Because, our life time is fixed as certain number of breaths. IF YOU CONTROL BREATH AND IF YOU BREATHE SLOWLY, YOU LIVE LONG.  But, when you have more sex, you have to breathe more (5-10 times more than normal).  So, you attain your quota of maximum permitted breaths earlier and hence earlier death.

Breath can’t be stopped, but can be controlled. But, liquor, cigarette, etc., can be stopped totally.

Same applies for onion and garlic. When you take onion and garlic, it adds a compound called ALLICIN in your blood. So, your blood becomes diluted. When a liquid is dilute, it will run fast.  (Eg: Difference between water and oil). When blood runs fast, no solid can stay at a particular place of the blood vessel for long.  So, there will be less chances for blood clotting in veins and hence the chances for heart attack are minimized.

Does this mean we can take onion and garlic?  When you have been fixed a life time of 70 years, can you extend it for 20 more years by taking garlic and onion?

No.  If you escape from heart attack by taking onion and garlic, KARMA NETWORK will kill you by giving some other illnesses.  So, we can’t live even a single minute more than the time fixed by karma network.

ONION AND GARLIC INCREASES RAJO AND THAMO GUNAS (Mode of ignorane and mode of passion). So, you will become more materialistic in life style and your mind will find it very difficult to concentrate on Krishna. You will have more desire for sex since onion and garlic makes the blood run fast and hence more feelings. So, I definitely say that the persons will involve in excessive sex if he takes onion and garlic and they will become addicted to senses.  No doubt in that.

So, if your objective in your life is ONLY KRISHNA, avoid onion and garlic.  If you like to become a materialistic person and like to enjoy material pleasures and comforts, take onion and garlic.

Doctors are not bothered to make you Krishna conscious. Their duty is to treat your body, not soul. But, acharyas and the preachers are spiritual doctors. So, they care for athma.  If your body is kept satvik (mode of goodness), athma will tend towards Krishna.  If the body is kept rajas or thamas, the athma will bind itself within these temporary material affairs.

Scientists produced medicines for many lethal diseases. But, Lord is introducing new diseases and lethal sources like AIDS, ACCIDENTS, etc., to keep the population under control. When the scientists discover medicines for AIDS, Lord will introduce more lethal diseases.

Thus, if you have the karma to suffer with some physical illnesses, you can’t avoid it.  So, just keep your body and mind satvik and tend towards Krishna.

In fact, taking onion and garlic is unnecessary.  There are many other satvik products that keep your B.P under control and avoid heart attacks. By reducing the intake of oil, carbohydrates like sugar, rice, wheat, etc and taking satvik vegetables, fruits more and taking two cups of milk a day, you can always keep your health perfect.

Of course, diseases will come if you have karma to face them. But, my point is that there are other ways to keep your B.P and heart fine.  Thats all.

If you are particular about the smell of garlic in some dishes, take asafoetida more in food instead of garlic. It will compensate the absence of garlic.  If you like to have the smell of onion, add some Cabbage leaves in the recipe. Thus, you can avoid onion and garlic.

One thing is clear.  By taking onion and garlic, you can’t extend the already fixed life time.


When your husband tours on his job, ask him to pack and take the rotis with pickle for two days. It can be taken for 2-3 days. And, in the afternoon, he can take curd rice even from the shop.

However, he may feel some loss of nutrients.  This can be compensated by taking more fruits like banana, grapes, orange, apple, etc., atleast 250 grams every day buying from the shops. He can take 2-3 glass of milk buying from hotels.

You can also take regular Horlicks (no special flavours) to supply nutrients to your body to some extent.

This will keep his body normal.  You too can take fruits and milk to avoid loss of nutrients.

In case, you had taken onion or garlic accidentally any day, it is not a crime.  Just some change of mode will be caused by taking it. Try to restrict such incidents in future.

The nervousness you feel is because of the fear to violate the devotional rules. This is not a psychological problem, but, a good symptom of your willing to be perfect.

That is why, I said to try your best to avoid onion and garlic, but, do not get tensed if you had to take the food containing them on any day accidentally.

If you avoid taking food from outside, but, take simple foods at home itself, you can avoid taking onion and garlic.

Preparing simple foods take just 45 minutes. If you follow south Indian food, it will be very easy. You can prepare Idly just within 10 minutes. You can make Dosas within 5 minutes. You can cook rice within 15 minutes just by keeping a cooker on flame. It will be cooked even while you are rest. You can prepare a simple Rasam with tomato within 10 minutes. You can prepare a tamarind rice or lemon rice within 10 minutes.

If any woman says that cooking is difficult,  won’t believe that. Because, I know cooking well and I, even a male, can cook a simple south Indian food (Rice, Rasam, Side dish) within 30-45 minutes.

As far as north Indian dish are concerned, they are easier than south Indian foods, but, you have to stand and prepare.  South Indian foods can be prepared even in a sitting posture. The cooker and microwave oven will do everything. We have to just sit and make the ingredients available. That’s all.

Instead of using the excuses, please get up and prepare simple foods, offer to Krishna and lead a healthy life.

Compensate the loss of nutrients with fruits.

There are hundreds of ways to manage satvic food for Krishna.

You require initiative. That’s all.

Hope this helps you.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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