I am going away from other gods after worshiping Krishna. I feel guilty. Help me.

I am going away from other gods after worshiping Krishna.  I feel guilty.  Help me.


“Hare Krishna prabhuji.  Dandavats  Pranams.  All glories to Srila Prabhupada.  I have a different problem after joining ISKCON.  I am now very fond of Krishna and I forget all other gods. I was a Saivait by birth embracing ISKCON later. When my parents call me to come with them to Shiva temple, I refuse to go.  I scold them as ignorent to go to shiva temple. But, internally, I feel guilty.  This disturbs me while chanting also.  Tell me what to do to come out of this guilt?”


A vaishnava should not disrespect Lord Shiva and all other deities.  Srila Prabhupada has written about Lord Shiva in a full volume of Srimad Bhagavatham in which he has written the glories of Lord Shiva.

Krishna is the Paramathma that has been accepted by all, even by advaita gurus like Sri Shankaracharya. So, we are convinced that Krishna is the main root and all the other gods are branch roots from the main root.

This can be understood if you read the Vibhoodhi Yoga of Bhagavad Gita, in which Krishna says that He is Lord Shiva among Rudras, Karthikeya among head of warriors, etc.

So, all the gods that we know have originated from Krishna.

We, the followers of Krishna, pour water to the main root of a plant; If you water the main root of a plant, that water is received by all the branch roots!

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But, if you pour water to any branch root, for how many roots will you pour? To Lord Shiva? Ganesh ji? To Karthikeya? To Kali? To Sarasvathi ma? To Surya dev? To Indra? To agni? To Varuna? To Vayu? To 33 crores of celestials? Or, to your ancestors?

If you worship a demigod, someone will come and tell you that another demigod is faster in giving benefits. Then, you will switch from this god to that god.

Why these confusions? If you please Krishna, automatically, all other demigods, celestials and ancestors are satisfied.

It is said in scriptures: “If you please Krishna and if you become a vaishnava, all your previous seven and next seven generations will be relieved and attain Krishna along with you”

So, we worship the Paramathma, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krishna.  No other reasons.

This does not mean that we should not care other demigods.  If we disrespect even a dog, that means, we are in thamo and rajo gunas.  But, a devotee will have to be atleast in Satva guna.  So, one should respect all demigods.

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I have already said, I have seen a neighbour who is a Lord Vishnu devotee! There is a Shiva temple near his house. Whenever The devotees of Lord Shiva goes Nagar Sankirtan singing songs glorifying Shiva, that Vishnu devotee will close all the doors and windows of his house and keep the Radio or TV volume high, to prevent the sound of Shiva’s songs entering his ears.

Is this the quality of a vaishnava? No. He is a pretender. This is not the quality of real vaisnava.

A vaishnava sees Krishna in all gods, people, and even in dogs and those who eat dogs. He sees Krishna everywhere. He sees Lord Shiva as a vaishnava and gives full respect to Shiva and others.

You go to a company to get an order for your product. There, you like to meet the Chairman of that company.  Can you meet the director if you ill-treat the employee in reception of that company?

First you have to respect the receptionist. The receptionist asks so many questions about you and then forward you to the director. Therefore, to avoid the failure, you first meet the receptionist of that company and explain about your product.  He/ she help you to meet the director.  If you disrespect these first level employees, you can’t meet the director.

Thus, Krishna is the Chairman. We try to directly satisfy Krishna.  But, to satisfy Krishna, we need some qualities.  One should be in the state of respecting all the people.  We do not know how long we will be in this body. So, before leaving this body, we have to satisfy Krishna. Then only, we can avoid next birth and go back to Krishna.  So, we must develop the qualities of respecting all other deities and people.  In this matured state, we can get Krishna easily.

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So, a Krishna devotee will not disrespect demigods and celestials.  Definitely, they are in a higher state than us.  So, we should respect them. And, all the demigods and celestials are also serving the Lord and they are His employees for particular assignment.  Even Yama is doing service to Lord by maintaining the separation of souls from the bodies perfectly in time.

Of course, you need not try to please all the demigods and celestials.  Because, we can’t satisfy all of them within this birth.

Therefore, offer your prayers to Krishna and give respect to all demigods.  Whatever you offer to Krishna, that is automatically distributed to all the demigods.

Though you get something from any demigod, it is offered only after the sanction of Krishna. Therefore, you need not try to please all of them.

But, if we insult demigods and devatas, even Lord Krishna will not accept it and He will give some more births to you to learn honouring all His servants.

Therefore, save time by satisfying Only Krishna, but, respect all the demigods and devatas.  It is the natural sign of a Krishna devotee.

No guilt;  No worries.

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