Chant Lord’s Names and get protected – Story

Chant Lord’s Names and get protected – Story

A story sent by DrAkash Arora:

Lord’s name is always powerful than any thing even more than lord himself.

Regarding this, there is a story in the lilas of Lord Ram and Hanuman.

Once, The king of Kashi happens to be journeying to Ayodhya to pay his respects to Rama.

Enroute, he meets the sage Narada, who requests a favor of him.

When the king agrees,  Narada tells him to show respect to everyone in Rama’s court, but to ignore sage Vishwamitra.”

The ever-volatile Vishwamitra is enraged by the slight and informs Rama of it, calling it a stain on the honor of his court.

Rama’s brow darkens.  He removes three arrows from his quiver and vows that he will take the life of the king of Kashi before the sun sets.

The king is trembling like a leaf.

However,  Narada offers a suggestion for how he might yet save himself:  “Go to Hanuman’s mother Lady Anjana and ask for her protection.”

When he then reveals that the killer will be Rama hismelf,  Anjana is troubled.


“This will be difficult”, she says, then adds, “still, I’ll try.”

At this moment, Hanuman arrives and bows at his mother’s feet.

She makes him, in turn, promise three times to assist her.

His mother reminds him of the great dharma of sheltering the week and of the fact that she has given her word.

Hanuman says that he will try to find a way out.

Hanuman flies back to Ayodhya with the king and brings him to the bank of the Sarayu.

He tells him to wade waist-deep into the water and remain there, repeating Rama’s name.

Meanwhile, Hanuman presents himself at court, bows to Rama, and asks that henceforth he be permitted to guard those who repeat Rama’s name, and further, that as long as he does so, no power in the universe, – “not even God himself” – should be able to cause them harm.

Rama readily agrees.

Whereupon,, Hanuman  rushes back to the riverbank.

Rama is soon informed of this and becomes furious.

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He takes one of his arrows, charges it with mantras for the destruction of the king of Kashi, and fires it right from the palace.

But the arrow halts in mid-air just in front of the king.

Meanwhile, Vishwamitra too arrives on the scene.

Brooding over the curious crisis he preciptated.

As Rama prepares to fire his arrow, Vashishta  tells the offending king to throw himself at Vishwamitra’s feet.

The king does so, still repeating the mantra, and Vishwamitra is pleased and declares his act of repentance to be sufficient.


Always Chant Lord’s Names and get protected from all the evil things.  We are safe even in death because, our destination will be Lord’s kingdom.


Author: RAJAN

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