Parents’ karma or Child’s karma – Which gives a child with disabilities?

Parents’ karma or Child’s karma – Which gives a child with disabilities?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Prabhuji I have one doubt that If Someone is Mentally Disturbed by childhood is it predestined for him/her ..? (Like doing unwanted behavior as compare to other normal children) Is this Their Karma or parents karma which made that child like this.. ? What our Purana say about this situation.. Kindly help me with this Question. Thank You Hari Bol :)”


If you ask, Parents’ karma or Child’s karma – Which gives a child with disabilities, the reply is that It is the collective karma of parents and the child.

If it is because of the karma of child alone, why should the innocent parents get such a child?

If it is because of the karma of parents alone, why should the innocent child get such issues?

If it is because of the karma of wife alone, why should the innocent husband and child be affected?

If it is because of the karma of husband alone, why should the innocent wife and child be affected?

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If Krishna allows these four cases, He may not be a good judge.

But, Krishna is the Best Judge who operates through Karma Network.

Karma is a Network, not just individual happenings.

Let me explain this network with a good example.

(1) Ravi had tortured his daughter in his previous birth and his daughter became mentally retarded and sufered a lot in the society.

(2) Swapna had tortured her daughter in her previous birth and her daughter became mentally retarded and suffered a lot in the society.

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(3) Suganya deserted her parents for her selfish reason of marrying a rich guy and her mother or father became mentally retarded in anguish.

These three people will take part in a new network now.

These three people died and took rebirth now.

Ravi became Ramesh now. Swapna became Swati now. Suganya became Subhashini now.

How their births will be now?

Karma network will make clever arrangements that makes Ramesh (Reborn Ravi) and Swati (Reborn Swapna) marry. They will marry withoutbknowing their past karma of having made their child mentally retarded.

Swati gets a girl child.

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That girl child will be Subhashini (Reborn Suganya).

That girl child will be a mentally retarded child. Since she had made her parent mentally retarded in her previous birth, she now face the same problem for herself now.

The couple Ramesh and Swati are forced to take care of Subhashini in this birth because they had made their children mentally retarded in their previous birth.

In the previous birth, they had cruel heart to torture their children.

But, Karma network gives the couple merciful heart in this birth so that they can take care of their mentally retarded child Subhashini in this birth.

Now, Karma Network has justified all the three people and has given similar reactions for their cruel activities that made another person mentally retarded.

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In this birth, all these three people will clear their cruel activity of their previous birth.

See, how beautifully, the Karma Network works. So, it is not due to the Parents’ karma or Child’s karma alone to  get a child with disabilities. It is the collective karma.

Krishna and His Arrangements are flawless.

We may not know what we did in our previous births. We see only the sufferings we face in this birth.

Every reaction is backed by similar action in our previous birth(s).

So, what we have to do is that we should be very merciful in approaching others in this birth and we should never harm anyone in this birth.

This will give a pious and good rebirth.

If you serve Krishna sincerely in this birth,  we can stop further births and deaths and be under the shelter of Krishna for ever.

Karma is to correct and purify us. Not to punish us.

Hope all of you have understood this.

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Author: RAJAN

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