Why a man suffers with karma if he came from karma free animal?

Why a man suffers with karma if he came from karma free animal?

A Girl Devotee asked like this:

Hare krishna prabhuji. I have a question, our birth before this life is not in human form, according to the shastra’s. We took 84,000,00 birth to be in human form. then how come we were human in previous birth ? And then how come we are suffering coz of bad karma in previous birth?

Our sufferings which are due to past birth , is of what form ? And in next birth also how can human again rebirth in human firm ?

Pl guide me so that I could become more clear with the principles. Hare krishna??


I can reply this in two angles:


It is not fully true that man came from animal only.  During the creations, all the living beings were created at the same time.

After this first birth, the further births of living beings happened as per a fixed sequence for animals, birds, etc.

But,  only for man, the karma decided the next birth.

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So, do not mix Darwin’s theory with karma.

The number of birth is not 84 lakhs, but, the TYPES or VARIETIES of births.

For example Fish is a birth.  But, there are hundreds of varieties of fishes.  Isn’t it?

Similarly, if you take monkeys, there are many types.  Take dogs.  How many varieties in every country?

Thus, in every category of living being, there are hundreds of varieties of births.  This totals 84 lakhs.

As asked by you, if a Jiva takes birth as a human for the first time, he will have no pending karma and hence he will be given the birth in the human form as per the pre-programmed sequence.

This birth will happen in a good family with good facilities to live.  Our first human birth will be a comfortable birth with many blessings.

However, this is conditional.  The life we lead in this “first time human form” will determine our further births.  If we use this first opportunity of human form to get the mercy of Lord, you will not get any further births and will be elevated to Krishna’s kingdom.

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In case, we lead a life like a dog, we will be given birth as a dog.  If we are too much attached to eating flesh, we will be given birth as a wild animal.

In case, we do both good and bad activities in this first time human form using our FREE WILL that is always with us, we will get a human birth again  and will be given difficulties and happiness according to the level of good and bad acts we have done in this first time human birth.

So, if we are facing much difficulties, that means, this is not our first time human birth and we have taken birth as a human in previous birth(s) also.


There is another angle:

During every breath of Maha Vishnu, all the jeevans are sent to this world and again are taken back into the body of Maha Vishnu.  During the Pralaya, all the jeevas are kept inside the body of Maha Vishnu.

Their karma account will also be in suspension temporarily.

When the Lord breaths again, new life is generated.  So, all the Jeevas that had been kept inside the Lord, will be released again.

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When they come out, they come out along with their suspended karma account and are given births according to the karma they had done before Pralaya.

Pralaya will not erase our karma.  It just keeps us into the body of Maha Vishnu and we get released later as it is.

Hope you are clear about why a man suffers with karma if he came from karma free animal.


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