Hari Om. I have one question. How this world created regarding Hindu religion? I need some clear answer for that. Thank you.


“Prabhuji, Did the first atomic souls be placed in this material directly upon creation or as a result of their karma if so how did they accumalate karma having just being created?”


At the initial stage, the creations were created as per the detailed article given below.  When these population started to multiply, they involved in karma and the further population was developped as per their karma.

Let us understand this with the details in the scriptures and the words of Srila Prabhupada:


Read this Discussion during a lectureof Srila Prabhupada on Srimad-Bhagavatam 5.5.2 in Hyderabad, April 11, 1975:

Acyutananda: So what made the soul take birth in the first place?

Prabhupada: In the first place?

Acyutananda: What is the first birth? What is the cause of the first birth.


Yes. That is stated in the Prema-vivarta:

krsna-bahirmukha hana bhoga vancha kare

nikata-stha maya tare japatiya dhare

As soon as… We are eternal servant of Krsna. As soon as we want to become master, that is the beginning of our first birth in the material world. We have got independence. Because, Krsna says, mamaivamso jiva bhutah—we are part and parcel of Krsna—so Krsna has got full independence, but we are minute; therefore we have got minute independence. Our business is to serve Krsna, but as soon as we give up this idea, we want to become master. That is the beginning of our material birth.

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So, the first birth happens as we wanted to be a master in this material world.  Krishna wanted us to be with Him.  We only came here out of our free will sanctioned by Krishna Himself.


SRIMAD BHAGAVATHAM explains the creation and destruction of universe in Canto-12, Ch-4:

Let us see brief outlines of creations


“For material creation, Lord Krsna’s plenary expansion assumes three Visnus. The first one, Maha-Visnu, creates the total material energy, known as the mahat-tattva. The second, Garbhodakasayi Visnu, enters into all the universes to create diversities in each of them. The third, Ksirodakasayi Visnu, is diffused as the all-pervading Supersoul in all the universes and is known as Paramatma. He is present even within the atoms. Anyone who knows these three Visnus can be liberated from material entanglement.” (Satvata tantra, quoted in BG 7.4 p., Laghu Bhagavatamrta, Purva-khanda 2.9)


(i) MAHA KALPA:   The creation of the sixteen elementary elements, which are all products of the false ego, created by Maha Visnu. (Maha Visnu creates the total material energy).

(ii) VIKALPA:  The creation of Brahma by Garbhodakasayi Visnu and the dispersion of the material elements. (Garbhodakasayi Visnu creates the diversities in each universe).

(iii) KALPA:  The creation by Brahma in each day of his life after waking from his sleep.

Lord Brahma’s one day is called a kalpa, the creation of Brahma is called vikalpa and the creation of the total creation is called mahakalpa.

Each day of Brahma is a duration of one thousand divya yugas.   A divya yuga comprises of one thousand of the four yugas.  The same duration comprises his night.

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(iv) A detailed calculation of life time of Brahma: 


No. of years of 4 yugas:

Satya Yuga =1,728,000;

Treta Yuga=1,296,000;

Dwapara Yuga=8,64,000;

Kali Yuga=4,32,000.

If these 4 yugas rotate 1000 times, it is the ONE DAY TIME of Brahma! Same 1000 times of rotation is his ONE NIGHT!

Calculate like this:

1728000+1296000+864000+432000 = 43,20000;

Now, 43,20000 x 1000 x 2= Bramha’s One day + Night, ie, 8.64 billion Earth Years!

Multiply this by 365 to get one year of brahma and then multiply by 100.

You get the life time of brahma, that works out to nearly 311 trillion and 40 billion years.

After this life time, this Brahma dies & a New Brahma is appointed by Krishna!

Present Brahma has completed 50 years of age!


Srimad Bhagavatham: 3.10.15-29:

(i) The first creation is of the Mahat-tattva (by Mahavisnu)

In the first creation the modes of nature mix and give rise to false ego.

(ii) False ego or identification of the body, along with the material ingredients, material knowledge and material activities arise (working senses and knowledge acquiring senses).

(iii) The sense perceptions are created and from these the material elements are generated.

(a) sound – sky

(b) touch – air

(c) sight – fire

(d) taste – water

(e) smell – earth


(iv) The creation of knowledge and working capacity.

(v) The controlling deities become manifest by the interaction of the mode of goodness.

(vi) The sixth creation is the ignorant darkness of the living entity, by which the master acts as a fool.

(vii) The seventh creation is that of immovable living beings – plants and trees.

(viii) The eight creation brings into existence animal species comprising twenty eight groups.

(ix) The ninth creation gives rise to the human beings which belong to only one species. They are predominantly under the influence of passion. These last three creations as well as the tenth creation are called vaikrta creations and they are different from the previous creations called prakrta. Creation of Kumaras belongs to both.

(x) There is also tenth creation, of demigods, who comprise eight species.

(There are two sets of devas. Primordial ones like Agni, Varuna, Vayu, etc., are born from the cosmic shell during the fifth stage of creation. Others are born from Brahma and his rishi sons during the ninth stage. There is an example of yaksas who descend in different genealogical lines, according to Mahabharata and Agni Purana. Some appeared at the same time as Brahma, from out of the shell of the universe. Some descended from Kasyapa and some from Pulastya.)


(i) Srimad Bhagavatham – 3.10.7-9:

Sitting on top of the lotus, which was spread throughout the universe, Brahma contemplated on how to create all the planets. Brahma then entered in the whorl of the lotus and divided it into three divisions and then into fourteen divisions.

The seeds of all the planets in the universe were impregnated in the lotus by the Supreme Lord. The material world and the living entities were already generated in seedling forms by the Lord and Brahma was to disseminate the seedlings all over the universe. (SB 3.10.7 purport)

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The creations of the Kumaras and others:

Srimad Bhagavatham – 3.12.2-57:

(i) Brahma first created the nescient engagements which are five in number.

Self-deception – Moha

The sense of death – Andha Tamisra

Anger after frustration – Tamisra

The sense of false ownership – Maha Moha

Forgetfulness of one’s real identity – Tamas

(ii) Before creating the living entities in their different species of life, their living conditions were created by Brahma.

(iii) Brahma then gave up his body and began a new term of creation.

(iv) In the beginning Brahma created the four Kumaras: Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana and Sanat Kumara.

(v) Brahma ordered his four sons to generate population. The Kumaras declined, which made Brahma angry. He tried to control his anger but it came out from between his eyebrows in the form of a child in a mixed colour of red and blue. The child was crying and was therefore called Rudra. He was given eleven places to reside. Rudra then began to increase the progeny of the universe with offspring resembling himself in every way. They attempted to devour the universe, which made Brahma very afraid. He told Rudra to go and perform penance and wait for the time of dissolution, when his services would be called upon.

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(vi) Brahma then created ten sons:

Narada – born from Brahma’s deliberation

Vasistha – born from Brahma’s breathing

Daksa – born from Brahma’s thumb

Bhrgu – born from Brahma’s touch

Kratu – born from Brahma’s hand

Pulastya – born from brahma’s ears

Angira – born from Brahma’s mouth

Atri – born from brahma’s eyes

Marici – born from Brahma’s mind

Pulaha – born from Brahma’s navel


(vii) Religion was manifested from his breast and irreligion from his back.

lust and desire became manifest from his heart

anger from his eyebrows

greed from his lips

the power of speaking from his mouth

the ocean from his genitals

abominable activities from his anus

(viii) Kardama was manifested from his shadow.

(ix) Brahma had a daughter named Vak born from his body.  His mind was attracted sinfully to her and his sons prayed to the Supreme Lord for the good sense of Brahma. Brahma gave up his body of sinful thought which became the dangerous fog of darkness.

(x) The four Vedas, the four principles of religion, the four social orders, medical science, military art, musical art, architectural science all emanated one after another.

(xi) The fifth Veda (Purana) as well as histories all became manifest from his different mouths in systematic order.


(xii) The eight varieties of fire sacrifice, the four divisions of retired life, the four divisions of renounced life, the science of logical argument, law and order, and moral codes all became manifest from his mouth.

(xiii) The pranava omkara was manifested from his heart.

The art of literary expression usnik was generated from his hair.

The principle Vedic hymn, gayatri, from his skin, tristup from the flesh, anustup from the veins, and jagati from his bones.

The art of writing verse, pankti, came from the bone marrow, and brhati, another type of verse, was generated from the life-breath. Brahma’s soul was manifested as the touch alphabets (sparsas), his body as the vowels, his senses as the sibilant alphabets, his strength as the intermediate alphabets and his sensual activities as the seven notes of music.

(xiv) When Brahma saw that in spite of the presence of the sages there was no sufficient increase in the population, he seriously began to consider how the population could be increased. While he was thus contemplating, two forms were generated from his body.  They were Svayambhuva Manu and Satarupa.

(xv) In due course of time Manu got two sons, Uttanapada and Priyavrata, and three daughters, Akuti, Devahuti and Prasuti. Manu gave Akuti to the sage Ruci, Devahuti to Kardama and Prasuti to Daksa.

(xvi) From them, all the world filled with population.  Increase of population was due to the karma of the persons.

These are the basic secrets of INITIAL STAGE OF creations.


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