If Krishna created everything, who created Krishna?

If Krishna created everything, who created Krishna?

Two questions by two devotees on this matter:


Hare Krishna Prabhuji…. I have a very big doubt…. I wasn’t a firm believer in Spirituality since my childhood. But later I developed deep faith on God. I realized that if there is Creation, then there must be a Creator. I came to know about KC few months ago. According to our Scriptures, Lord Sri Krishna is the Supreme God and no one is above Him. It’s fine. But my doubt is How can something (supreme power) exist on its own ? What’s the source of the Creator ? If there r millions of Universes in this material world and there is a Spiritual world.. then where r these 2 present ? Hope you understood my qs. I don’t want any references/quotes from our scriptures even BG. I accept them. All I want is a LOGICAL Answer to how the Supreme power alone can exist on its own Independently ?? Or…… these questions r beyond the knowledge of Humans ?? Thank you.


“sir i had one doubt wandering in my mind for many days.   every one says god created universe and no one created god how can he exist when no one created him.  i mean to say there should be a starting point to god which is birth. OK i believe that god is will be always there after his birth.  how he prevails without creation and if anything created god how that unknown thing which created god was created sir give reply for my question with this doubt i don’t had peace within me.”


Before I came to Krishna Consciousness, I too was asking this question repeatedly watching the innumerable stars in the sky. I used to think:  “Who created god?”.  I would think:  “If no creations were created  at all, what would have existed in these places? What would have been there?” I would end up in admiration and stop thinking as it was beyond our imagination with small powerless brain.

Since you have asked me to answer logically, let me do so. But, you should accept that our rishis were more intelligent than me and hence they too would have thought logically and written everything in the scripures. That is why, we are advised to accept the details about creations in the scriptures. Read those details about creations in the scriptures HERE.

Lord has no birth and death!  That is why He is God.  Who has no birth and death. Krishna is the ADHI PURUSHA, ie, the Supreme Personality who existed even before creations.  (Why Krishna is the ADHI PURUSHA, ie, the Supreme Personality? READ HERE). If I accept your point, I will have to conclude that God was created and even before god, there was some empty space existing with all the elements for creation and god created everything from those elements.  It is not possible because, even those elements must have been created by some one and hence someone must have existed earlier. (Read about those elements of creations HERE.)

If Krishna did not exist for ever, someone should have created Krishna. Then, there must be another person. Then, you will ask me who is the source of that person who created Krishna.

That is why, we say that Krishna is the original person who exist for ever. These creations may be big and unimaginable for us. But, it is like a play for Krishna.

If some one says that Krishna came from some other elements like Brahmam, then, who created the brahmam? How can the brahmam CREATE a GOD from its empty elements?

How can an empty space create such a powerful person Krishna?

No logic in that.

But, the reverse is possible. A person can make an empty bright space Brahmam.

Now, the thoughts will turn to:  “Which came first?  God?  Or, some other elements came first that created god later?

This will go like:  “Whether egg came first or hen first?”

So, we have to believe the scriptures.  Scriptures say a logical conclusion that God has both form and formless. (How? Read HERE)Or, when there is a form, a formless light also exists. This seems to be logical. So, God  was existing both as A PERSON as well as A BRIGHT SPACE where all creations were created.

Lord Krishna is a person.  Supreme Person.  He had a transcendental body.  From that body brightest rays come out that illuminates all the spiritual worlds without sun or moon.  That bright space around Lord is called BRAHMA JOTHI.

So, BRAHMAM is non different from Lord.  However,  Lord is primary and Brahma jothi comes next, because that jothi comes out of the body of Lord.

Only when there is a sun, there can be rays.  Isn’t it?

So, we can take as LORD WAS ALWAYS EXISTING THERE and we can not calculate anything as LORD DOES NOT HAVE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE.  He is not controlled by time.  Only if there is time, we can calculate the period of Lord.  As Time itself was created by God, how can we even think of the creation of God.

So,  let us think like this:

You ask that there should be some starting point for something and so, god also should have a starting point!

I ask you:  If you say there is a starting point, I ask you there must also have an end point.   So, these creations should end one day. So, even after its end, a person should remain and create them again.  That is why, we are existing now.

So, that person who is existing even before start of creations and after the end of creations is Lord.  He is Krishna.

This is the conclusion.

He is always existing and He is the person who created even Brahma deva who created all the material creations as taught by Lord Krishna.

So, there is no one above Lord Sri Krishna! Let us catch His Lotus Feet!  We have no other way!

Author: RAJAN

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