Is it right for a Devotee Couple Avoiding Children for economic reasons?

Is it right for a Devotee Couple Avoiding Children for economic reasons?

What to do if wife want physical relationship (because of strong desire and bodily need) but husband don’t want children (because of economical conditions). Please guide many will have this type of condition. Thank you


Devotee Couple ARTIFICIALLY  Avoiding Children for economic reasons IS NOT RIGHT. These things are done though they are hearing so many advice from so many people.

We can just advice, but, for many people following those advice will be difficult.

This violation is done even by the devotee couples throughout the world.

As per the recommendations of the scriptures, aborting the baby is not allowed and it is considered as killing itself.

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Now a days, many couples abort the baby within the womb for the reason that the baby was conceived when they are not prepared.

Whose mistake was this! Why should they kill that baby after havingIn this case mentioned by you  relations without planning?

In this case mentioned by you, the wife is interested in pleasures. The husband hesitates considering his financial position. He may fear that he may struggle to develop that child if they get one at that time.

Using contraceptives is also against the tradition.

So, they have just options:

They may have relations during the safe period of fifteen days in every month. Of course, this too may be a violation because they choose the period that has no possibility of conceiving a child. Whereas the scriptures say that one should mate only to get a child.

That means, one can mate even hundred times if he does not stop the child conception amnd makes his children the devotees of Krishna.

At the same time, instead of aborting after conception, avoiding the conception itself may be better.

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One should not forget that they add karma if they mate for pleasures alone.

If they mate to get the children and to make them the devotees, they get relieved from karma.

Now a days, the people fear to get more than one children.

But, the fact is that though they get ten children, the karma network will arrange food for all tose ten children. Without the arrangements, Krishna never allows a person to take birth.

So, they can take more children and develop them as devotees.,

If they find it difficult, they should avoid getting more children.

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How can they stop the conception of children?

(i) By mating during safe period of before and within 7 days after monthly periods.  This is the inferior method.

(ii) By getting more children and make all of them as devotees of Krishna.  This is the moderately good option.

(iii) Third one is to reduce the matings as once a month.  This is the best method.

Everyone should review himself/ herself and spouse and then choose the best one among the above three.

In the case mentioned by you options (i) and (ii) may match. Option (iii) will not match as the wife needs more.

As per the Pati dharma, if the wife needs more the husband MUST give. So,  he may give birth to more children and develop them as devotees.

Think of it, discuss with the spouse and then decide.

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