I am unable to chant daily though I perform all other devotional practices. Why?

I am unable to chant daily though I perform all other devotional practices. Why?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“hare krishna prabhuji my mind don’t want to chant even by forcing what to do??? and i don’t feel the importance of holy.. i just don’t know what is the problem but i can do al other seva but can’t chant… i also try in forcing mind for chanting but i fail what to do if i can’t do chanting then what is meaning for my life to live.. pls help me. why i can’t accept the importance of holy name why i am like this why why why???? very rarely i feel for chanting why i can’t chant by force why why help prabhuji pls help and keep my name hidden”



But, it should be tried constantly to rectify. That is the need.

Don’t worry.  This is natural for all devotees who have started to chant.  The fact that you are feeling for that itself is nice and you can come up in Krishna Consciousness in future.

In chanting, there are several stages to attain perfection as explained in this post.  In the initial stage, there will be aparath, ie, offenses. We may chant thinking of any other things. Or, we may even chant without full belief in chanting.  We may do chanting and also involve in prohibitted acts.  These are all natural during initial days.

So, without getting upset, continue your chanting.  Pray to Lord to engage you in chanting offenselessly.  Whenever you chant, you may keep a picture of Lord and chant on seeing that for more focus during initial stage.

If we go to a movie of our favourite star, we do not divert our attention away from the screen.  Why? Because, we like that movie much and we feel that we are deriving some pleasure from that movie.  So, we show much interest in that movie.

So, if we consider Krishna as our most favourite person, we will show the same attention and taste in chanting also.  The pleasure given by that movie is short lived.  If you go out of the theatre, that pleasure will vanish.  Whereas, the pleasure, ie, bliss given by Krishna is eternal, ie, it does not stop when we leave this body, but,. it continues till you reach Goloka and beyond.


Chanting is the foremost sadhana in kaliyuga recommended by the scriptures and acharyas to get connected to Lord.  If you start chanting, remember, you are imediately connected to Krishna.  Krishna starts to enjoy your chanting.  Then, remember how attentively and lovefully you must chant to please Lord Krishna.

If you believe that chanting takes you to Lord, you will show much interest in it.  But, usually, the people shows much interest in immediate benefits and pleasures that are available materially. Though they know that it is temporary, they are attracted by it and hence they allow their attention to be diverted.

So, believe that chanting will take you to Lord Krishna. If you chant with this total faith, you will show much taste in chanting and you will not skip it, but you will really enjoy chanting.

Total faith in the process is important if you like to enjoy that process.


We have seen many devotees rushing to complete the rounds of Japa.  When we rush to complete, we can not show our love on Krishna.

When we work for our beloved people, we usually show so much of care and attention so that we would like to satisfy our beloved.

Similarly, when we truly love Krishna, we will make atleast 2 hours a day available for chanting Lord’s holy names.

Out of 24 hours a day, if we say that we have no time or initiative to chant, that means, we are not ready to spare even 8% our daily time for Krishna.

Without Krishna’s grace, we are not human now.  This birth has been given for us to give an opportunity for us to show our love towards Krishna and consider Krishna as our sole goal of life.

People had to perform hundreds of years of penances, yagas or temple worships in previous yugas, if they wanted to get the mercy of Krishna.

Whereas, in kaliyuga, Lord has mercifully situated Himself in His Names.  Lord is in the form of Name in this kaliyuga in which the people has short life span.

In our life of about 70 years, we spend more than two lakh hours for sleeping; 50,000 hours for eating;  three lakh hours for earning.

Can’t we spend just 40,000 – 50,000 hours for chanting the Names of our creator Krishna throughout our life?

If we spend this small time for Krishna, it will make all other hours of life to remain in the consciousness about Krishna.  So, our activities in these remaining hours will be very responsible and spiritual.

We should not consider chanting just as another duty of life.  In fact, it is the real SHOW of love towards Krishna.

There can be still better method to show our love on Krishna in this kaliyuga.  We can not satisfy Krishna with any other better methods.

So, spare just 7-8% of your life time for chanting Lord’s names.  Sri Caitanya Maha Prabhu has simplified this by giving us Hare Krishna Maha Manthra.

How to manage 16 rounds chanting in busy work schedules?

Srila Prabhupada has mercifully simplified the process by formulating proper system of chanting, keeping the level of chanting as 16 rounds a day.

Though 16 rounds is difficult for un-initiated devotees, they may start with one, two , three or four rounds and then incnrease the rounds month by month.

You can easily manage 16 rounds chanting and also your busy job ONLY IF YOU GET UP EARLY IN THE MORNING.  If you wake up at 4 am or atleast 4.30 am, you can complete all 16 rounds before 6 or 6.30 am.  If you wake up at 5am, you can complete 8 rounds before 6 am.  And, you can complete the remaining rounds as 1 or 2 whenever you get gap in your duties and even in night/ evening.  And, find out what are the unwanted works you do every day and stop them.  You will gain more time to chant.

Chant with a moderate speed of about 7 minutes per a round with utmost love thinking of Krishna within mind, as an exclusive activity.

Do this and see the difference.


This is the nature of material pleasures.  Your mind will long for material pleasures.  After enjoying, the same mind will tell you:  “What is in this pleasure? Nothing”.  But, after some time, the same mind will again tell:  “See … how beautiful feeling it is…”  The man again goes for enjoyments.  Then, again disappointments.

This is what he is doing throughout his life.  He does not realize this even when he is about to leave this world.  He is looking for some kind of material enjoyments like wine, women, money, fame, etc.  He never gets satisfied.

He would like to get atleast a Small Car first.  He would get it.  He SEEMS to get satisfied and feels proud immediately.  After 2-3 months, if his neighbour buys a big sized car, his mind oscillates him again.  Why did I purchase a small car?  I could have bought a big and costly car.

Thus, he always has some agitations.

So, one should not aim for these material pleasures.  These pleasures are short lived.  So, all material pleasures immediately follow pains, ie, distress.

So, aim for eternal pleasure.  It is with Krishna only.  Since we are actually athma, we get pleasure only when we interact with Paramathma, Krishna.  So, involve in chanting seriously to interact with Krishna. Love Krishna. Work for Krishna.  Offer all your activities to Krishna.  Consider Krishna as your target after this life.

If you follow this, you will be able to enjoy the real bliss in chanting the holy names of Krishna. Reducing our interest in material enjoyments will increase your dedication to chanting to please Krishna.


In a nutshell, you seem to fear or hesitate to spare long period of 90 minutes or two hours for chanting. Only if you realize that ONLY CHANTING CAN ELEVATE YOU TO KRISHNA, you will give importance for chanting.

When chanting alone is capable of giving Krishna to us in this kaliyuga, why should we skip it doing many unproductive works throughout the day?

Just think of it and decide to spare atleast 8% of your daily time for chanting to please Krishna.



This is the importance of chanting in this kaliyuga.

Keep this in mind.

To learn how to properly chant, read THIS POST.

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