Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar, ie, Mind, Intelligence and False ego – Details!

Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar, ie, Mind, Intelligence and False ego – Details!

A woman devotee (name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhu. ..hope Ur doing good. .well I understood tht ur busy bt when doubts bothers I couldn’t find anyone who could clarity n give explaination accurately like u do. okay prabhu I have been questioned what is buddhi (intelligence )and manas the mind. I can understand abit bt I was not satisfy the person with my I’m confused ..pls help when ur done prabhu. .haribol.

I wana know what are their difference and how they are related. .”


Our Brain is a material made up of tissues, blood and Neurons.  Whereas, Mind is not the brain.

Our external and visible gross body has another subtle (invisible) body within itself.

This Subtle Body (Sukshma Body) is composed by three elements:

(1) Mind (Manas)

(2) Buddhi (Intelligence)

(3) Ahankar (False Ego)



What is called Mind (Manas)?

Among Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar, Mind is not an organ.  It is sensory and invisible.  Mind is A COLLECTION OF THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES.  We can compare mind with the collection of informations stored in a CD or DVD or Drives.  We can not see those recorded contents.  Only when we play them in a Player, we can see the recordings.  Similarly, Mind can not be read by others.  It can be read only when our brain is trying to evaluate what is in mind.

Mind does not have any fixed rules, regulations, evaluation, etc.  It is just the collection of the observed details sent by other senses like eyes, ears, etc.  Mind has no deciding power, but only has inducing power.  So, it is like a dust bin for sinners who store all offensive contents only and it is the temple for devotees who store Krishna in it.

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What is called BUDDHI (Intelligence)?

Among Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar, Buddhi is an ANALYZER. It is also subtle, ie, Sukshma, ie invisible. Whatever the mind stores, Buddhi KNOWS it first.  Then, Buddhi EVALUATES whether it is the right thought or not.  Then, it DECIDES and INDICATES that this is right or wrong.   If a person hears the decisions of his BUDDHI, he can escape from losses or offences.  But, there is a VILLAIN that prevents a person from hearing the JUDGEMENTS of Buddhi.

Who is that Villain?  Next one:

What is AHANKAR? (False Ego)?

Among Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar, Ahankar is considering that WE ONLY ARE THE DOERS OF EVERYTHING.  Ahankar makes the person PROUD ABOUT HIMSELF to think that what he does will be right.  So, though the buddhi indicates something as wrong, our ahankar makes us think that what we do is right. So, we neglect the judgement of buddhi and commit that wrong action.

Let me give an example.  A boy sees a beautiful call girl. His eyes sends the picture of that girl to mind.  His ears sends the words of that girl calling him for pleasures to his mind.  This stupid mind stores both the pic of that girl and her call for pleasures.

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Now, his BUDDHI wakes up and analyses the situation.  It evaluates the storage of other old contents of mind that says that immoral sex can cause AIDS.  So, it DECIDES that he should not go to that girl.  Buddhi reminds the mind the disease AIDS.  Same Buddhi will also remind the hells meant for immoral sex.  It will even remind him that Krishna will feel if he goes for immoral sex with that call girl.

If that boy hears the JUDGEMENT of Buddhi, he can escape from offences and hellish life.  But, next comes AHANKAR (Ego).  His ego interrupts the action of buddhi.  Ahankar reminds the mind that what he thinks is right and he can not be wrong.  This encourages that boy to go with that girl because his ego is encouraging him to act on his free will.

Again BUDDHI reminds him T.V/ press advertisements to atleast use the condoms to avoid AIDS if he decides to go with that girl.  Again the AHANKAR interrupts saying that condoms are the barriers that reduces Full Pleasure.


Thus, the boy faces agitations within his mind because the mind receives instructions from both Buddhi and Ahankar.  Now, if he hears the words of Buddhi, he is safe.  If he hears the words of Ahankar, he is at risk.

That is why, we are advised to avoid EGO and to act with BUDDHI and Not to go with all the options shown by your mind.

So, Mind is lower than Buddhi.  Buddhi can control Mind, but, mind can not control Buddhi, but, mind can supply the required details from its storage for the Buddhi to evaluate.

Hope you are clear about Manas, Buddhi and Ahankar, ie, Mind, Intelligence and False ego.

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Author: RAJAN

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