How to avoid Tension, Anger, Abusive Thoughts and Yawning while chanting?

How to avoid Tension, Anger, Abusive Thoughts and Yawning while chanting?


(1) Krishna very much. i have lot of stress I don’t know I get lot of tension. so I go to astrologer he say to me l have moon time like that this time we get lot of tension .  sincerely l love chanting I want to do Krishna consioncess but my mind every time they doing bad but I do my chanting 16 rounds and read bagavath Gita and also I do hear bhagvatham every day also but my mind is my problem I can’t get proper concentration . Pls give me a solution.

(2) A woman devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

“Hare Krishna, Prabhu….   I have read your articles and felt that I too can get few replies to my problems, from You.    I want to know why I become emotional while chanting Hari naam, or listening to His stories, singing bhajans, or listening to His bhajans/kirtans. Literally I start crying… And sometimes it also happens, that I get too much angry upon Him when something goes wrong and then cry again. Am I going wrong somewhere?     Please help .. And Thank You ! (I want to remain anonymous)”

(3) A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Dandawat pranam prabhuji… I feel little uncomfortable   while doing japa…like some time wrong things…or abusing language comes in my mind ….I complete 5rounds daily n during this I feel scary….nt comfortable at all always try to concentrate but failed…what will I do ….should I continue or I should leave because I think that thakurji will not accept my 5 rounds as they r nt pure contaminated with bad thoughts n abusive language… I m nt this kind of person …I never abuse anyone in my life…I m so humble n polite to others but don’t know why it comes in my mind during japa…plz guide me prabhuji what will I do ….either continue or leave.  Plz help me prabhuji… I m so confused n sad…

(4) A male devotee (Name hidden):

“Hk prabu. I yawn while chanting and feel sleepy. Help me how chanting with brisk mind.”


Questions (1) (2) & (3) :  Tension, Anger, Abusive Thoughts while Chanting

All these problems are due to the absence (or) the deficiency of a taste in chanting.

Just tell me if you are requested to eat the food cooked without adding salt, but your friend is eating a tasty food near to you, how much food you will consume? You will become angry even if you eat a small quantity.

If you are forcibly married to a girl/ boy whom you don’t like at all, but your friend has married his loved girl/ boy, how long will you live with her/ him? You will become angry even to live for a day.


If you hate mathematics right from your standard 5 to 12 in school, but, your father forcibly admit you in B.Sc Mathematics in college since the fee is comparatively less for that subject, but your friend has joined his favourite course, will you feel the studies interesting? You will become angry even for a day’s attendance in the class.

This is the cause for the tension, anger, etc in chanting also. How?

When maya is showing all the INSTANT but short lived attractions colourfully, the scriptures are telling you to chant for the good status after death and also for the gradual decrease of problems.

If you find the short lived colours of maya attractive, you will find the chanting difficult.  Since it is irritating to do the difficult activity for long time,  you feel tensed, angry and diverted while chanting.

Why do you find the colourful displays of maya more attractive?

It is because, you are deficient in trusting the Lord fully.  Hence maya overtakes the Lord in  your consciousness.

If you consider the eternal pleasure given by Krishna as the Primary objective of  your life, you will find your penances for Krishna more interesting.

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If you consider your instant temporary happiness as Primary,, you will find penances for Krishna BORING.

Hope you have understood the above reason.

There is another reason for not showing full interest in chanting.

First, I was happy when I read the first few lines of the Question-(2)  thinking that this devotee loves Krishna very much and that is why, she cries in ecstasy while chanting and singing.  But, when I read further,  I concluded that your love on Lord is CONDITIONAL.

Why I am telling like this?  Because, you become angry when something goes wrong in life that means Lord does not give anything as expected by you.  This means that you don’t fully believe that Krishna will even stop giving something for His devotees IF IT WILL HARM THEM.

So, you are expecting that Krishna should always keep the things right and should give whatever you want and He should not say NO.  If He says NO, you become angry.

If you believe that everything, whether positive or negative that happens to the devotees is the mercy of Krishna,  you won’t lament for the negatives and hence there is no place for frustration, tension, anger,

Or, if the things go in life against your expectations, you get angry and tension.

This is wrong on your part.  This is NOT PURE LOVEThis is called conditional love.

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If your husband says “Dear,  I love you so much.  However, whatever I say, you should never refuse to do.”,  how will you feel?  You will jump from sky to earth expecting some easy commands from him. Isn’t it?

Will you do if the same husband  says you to catch a cockroach with fingers andnthrow it out?  You will say NO only.

So, all the wishes of others can not be fulfilled by a person.

So, a devotee should not expect that Krishna SHOULD DO this or that.  They even have no need to pray to Krishna for their needs.  Krishna is within your heart as Paramathma.  So, He is watching what you do, what your problems are, etc.  So, He will automatically do whichever is good to you. He will refuse which will do harm to your life.

See this example also:

If you pray for a rascal to be your husband without knowing that he is a rascal, how Krishna will give?  Since He knows everything, He will separate you from him.

So, just perform your saadhanas as advised by acharyas.  Love Krishna without any expectations.  Respect  other vaishnavas. Be balanced, non-violent and moderate in your character.

Thats all.  Don’t worry avout other things.  Accept whatever happens in life as Lord’s mercy.

Chant with the full faith that you are speaking to Krishna through chanting and Krishna is hearing you.  Also believe that Krishna will whatever you need for elevation in due course of time.
If you have this faith, you will not become angry while chanting.



When a person sees a favourite movie,  he does not yawn, and in fact, he forgets himself in the movie.  Why?  Because, he puts his full involvement in seeing his favourite movie.

When a person sees his close friends or loveful relatives,  he forgets all his surroundings.  Why?  Because,  he is much attached to them and he expects that he will get some entertainment or pleasure

Similarly, do you truly believe that you will get Krishna Himself if you chant?  If you truly believe that Chanting is very effective and gives you eternal pleasure in the Kingdom of Krishna, you will find that chanting assignment interesting and blissful.

One must develop a taste in chanting.  Unless there is a taste, there will be no involvement in chanting.  So, believe that all other pleasures in this world is temporary that is followed by pain.  All our pleasures on earth will be for some more years only.  After that, we have to vacate this house (world).  Only those who do not know that there is an eternal pleasure after death of this body at the Kingdom of Krishna, cry while leaving this world.

So, first, aim for that eternal pleasure.  To get that eternal pleasure, you  MUST CHANT the Holy Name of Krishna.  So, Chanting is not just murmouring some words.  It is a spiritual vibration of sound that purifies us and takes us to Krishna’s world.

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If you get convinced yourself with the above facts, you will develop a taste in chanting.  When you develop taste, you will involve in it single mindedly, like you see  your favourite movie.  In due course of time, you will consider this material world as Dhukkalayam and asasvatham.  After that, you can not remain without chanting.

And, as I already said, when you involve in chanting consistently with the desire of becoming pure, all our anarthas will automatically go as I explained with this example that is reproduced below:

Place a bucket of soiled dirty water under a running water pump for minutes.  See all the dirty water disappears & the water in bucket becomes clear after some time.

Thus, Every one of us have anarthaas.  Nobody is 100% perfect!   Don’t fight with situations/ anarthaas (Soiled water).  Just practice Devotion to Krishna (Add pure water) sincerely. All the anarthas will disappear in soon! Only Krishna bakthi remains!

When you come to this stage, there will be no place for yawning and sleepiness.  You will love chanting.

In a nutshell: Before finishing this article, let me remind you:

Chanting is the PRIME  DUTY of a person who has been blessed with the human birth.

When we chant Hare Krishna, we are directly connected with Krishna.  If possible, you may chant in the company of vaishnavas.  Or, Chant in a temple. Or, chant in the Brahma Muhurtha time, ie, between 4-6 in the morning.

If we miss this birth, we will have to take birth again and again and feel the pains of material world.  So, WE MUST CHANT well.

Don’t think of material worries and material benefits while chanting.  Dedicate 1-2 hrs for Krishna ALONE every day.

Make this your habit.

All the best.

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