How One falls due to attachments as said by Krishna?

How One falls due to attachments as said by Krishna?

“Rajesh Gautham” asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu.  Pranams.  All the saints say that attachments is the only cause for all our miseries and a man falls down due to attachments.  I can’t understand how just an attachment can ruin the life of a person.  If you write me with an example, I will be thankful to you. Because, you give simple examples in your replies that help us understand many topics easily.  Let Krishna’s mercy be with you. Hare krishna”.


Krishna has spoken beautifully about this topic in Bhagavad Gita (Ch-2, T-62&63).  First read that.  And, after that, read this further explanation on this topic.

Bhagawan says in Bhagavad Gita C-2, T-62 & 63 like this:

C-2, T-62: When a person thinks of material  objects, he develops attachments with them; This attachment gives  him  lust; The lust gives anger !

C-2, T-63: (This is the continuity of Sloka -62):   Anger gives delusion;   Delusion gives Bewilderment of memory;  This Bewilderment of memory gives loss of intelligence;   Finally, due to this loss of intelligence, one falls down!

These slokas explain  beautifully how a person falls in life! There can’t be still better explanation than this as explained by Krishna!  Let us try to understand this with an example!

POINT-(i) : When we think a  material object, we are attracted to it and an attachment develops!

When  Kaushik is walking through a bazaar, he saw an advertisement  for a new model beautiful and costly car outside a car dealer shop! He develops  an attachment with that model! That car disturbs his mind!

POINT-(ii): This attachment gives him lust!

Lust means desires, not only kama, but, all desires! After seeing that advertisement, kaushik develops a desire to get it and one day, he tries to purchase that car by applying loan from a bank!

POINT- (iii):  The lust gives him anger!

We have heard that lust gives pleasure;  How it gives anger?  His loan application was rejected by the bank as his income is not upto the fixed limit!  Kaushik gets angry as if he was insulted! When the bank manager tells this to him,  he suddenly starts using abusive words against him with frustration!  The bank  manager also starts  retaliating and uses abusive language on his part!


Just because anger due to the rejection of his application, Kaushik did not consider that it is the discretion of a bank manager either to accept or reject an application, if the borrower is not having repaying capacity! Thus, his knowledge becomes confused; This is called delusion!


Delusion caused Kaushik to forget that the Manager of that bank  is a public servant and he has to maintain respect with him! This called BEwilderment of memory, ie, Loss of memory!


When the manager warns Kaushik to use decent words, otherwise, he has to call the police, Kaushik becomes agitated and forgets everything! He lost his total knowledge and gives a punch on the face of that manager of that bank crying, “Can you take me to police? How will you do that if I kill you!”. Then all the staff came to the chamber and call police!


Then police came, arrests Kaushik and  take him to court and books a case under “Attempt to murder”. The case was proved and Kaushik was given 7 years of  Imprisonment! All his family had to struggle and his marital life came under stress!

See,  how just a small attachment takes a person to the fall in life! That is why, Krishna repeatedly says to attach ourselves to Him, not to the material things!  Live in this material world just as an instrument in the hands of Krishna, keeping your heart filled with Krishna.

Hope you are clear!

Author: RAJAN

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