Why EAR PIERCING (Hole in ears) is done even for male children in India?

Why EAR PIERCING (Hole in ears) is done even for male children in India?

A male devotee asked like this:

“I saw many of your posts which are very informative thanks a lot. I have an doubt regarding one Hindu tradition . why ear piercing is done even to male children’s ? Is it a sin for not piecing the ears in males ? Thank you. Regards………….”


It is a nice blend of customs with science.

Ear piercing is done to protect the vision of the child.

How piercing in ears can improve vision?

It is true as per acupuncture therapy. It is not just for cosmetic reasons.  So, it is done also for boys for medical reasons.

This tradition is also called  “The Karna vedha  (ear piercing) sanskar” that is  practiced extensively in India.

Our ancestors were very intelligent. These customs were suggested by great rishis who were experts in medical field also. They followed the system of piercing of ears and nose for  keeping the body cells active.

The piercing of ears also have many other benefits:

(1) It is believed that the pierced ears help ward off evil.

(2) Acupuncturists suggest that the ear lobe is the acupuncture point for vision, and the ear piercing may have a therapeutic value.

(3) Some pierce their ears for purely aesthetic reasons.

(4) The piercing of ears will maintain the overall health of the baby throughout its life.


In general, a baby’s ears are pierced in the first or third year. In other parts of the country, like Maharashtra, the baby’s ears are pierced on the day of the “naamkarana” (Naming ceremony),  that is on the 12th or 13th day after birth.

Most parents believe that it’s best to have the ears pierced early while the baby’s skin is still soft. They believe this will cause far less pain for the baby.

However, most doctors recommend piercing the ears after the first or second round of the DPT vaccinations when your baby is between three and six months old.  The vaccinations will provide your baby with protection against infections like tetanus.

It is important that the baby is in good health when you get her ears pierced. Ear piercing is usually done without pain killers because the piercing itself hurts less than a shot of anaesthetic would.

A pure gold wire or a tiny ear stud should be used for the piercing. Other metals such as nickel may cause infection and irritation.

The piercing is done at the center of the ear lobe, avoiding the nerve and cartilage.   An experienced ear piercer or practitioner will be able to locate this spot easily.

Hope this will help you.

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