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“Hare krishna.. Prabhuji im a beginner of Krishna consciousness, but my heart is all in krishna bhakti. Very important question I want to ask, 1.how should a pregnant woman lead her life through krishna consciousness for krishna consciousness baby? 2. I’m living with my inlaws, everyday they does something awful like not treating me well with food and mental behavior, they have no heartful concern for me at all.. But in public they behave totally opposite with me regarding my care. She is well fit and not so much old,then also all day she keep sleeping and watching TV, going out. I do everything on my own regarding my health. My doctor has asked me for bed rest due to complications then also they don’t care. They make me cry, one day I even touched my head on her feet for stop treating me like this atleast during my pregnancy. Then also they dint changed. My heart curse them for giving me so much of pain. They have been really ugly with me since my marriage but I really can’t believe this time also they are behaving even worse.. 3. How should I manage my mind at peaceful state for me and my baby in womb?”


Before reading this reply, you must read our another post on Garbhadhaan Sanskar in which the things to followed before pregnancy have been explained:

The above preparatory process before mating for ensuring that only the best seed is used to form a child.

Now, let us see what a pregnant mother should follow during pregnancy:

(1) First of all, she should have a conviction that developing a child as a devotee is the foremost duty of a mother. You should be fully prepared for that.

(2) Instead of changing your life style after getting conceived, you should change your life style as a sincere devotee with a devotional consciousness even long before you get married.

(3) However, if you had missed being a sincere devotee so far, start being a sincere devotee atleast from the date on which it is confirmed that you are pregnant.

(4) Being naturally a sincere devotee means, KEEPING YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AS A DEVOTEE FILLED WITH THE THOUGHTS OF KRISHNA.  Not involving in all the nonsense activities and also following devotional practices side by side.

(5) To naturally become a sincere devotee, you should follow chanting from your heart, not from the lips.

(6)  You should consider Krishna as the prime member of your family and therefore offering food to Krishna and honour the prasadam.  While preparing food to Krishna, cook with healthy vegetables, fruits, etc,. because we should offer only the best thing to Krishna mixed with love and care. When you honour that healthy and spiritual prasadam, your child too will be fed with spiritual qualities.

(6) You should worship Krishna every day ahowing aratis atleast once a day (if possible, both in the morning and evening).

(7) You should pray to Krishna to offer a child dominated with Krishna Conssciousness and help you to make that child as a great devotee of Krishna.  This kind of prayers are allowed and not selfish because you wish to give a devotee to Krishna that is a spirituial wish.

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(8) You should visit the sathsangha/ temple regularly (if possible daily, or atleast weekly) and have the sathsangha of devotees and hear more about Krishna. Sing the kirtans along with the other devotees and talk to as much devotees as possible that helps you to be in the vibrations of Krishna most of the time.

(9) Whatever you eat is passed to your child during pregnancy.  Therefore, never eat thamo or rajo guna foods and any food that is not offered to Krishna. Good satvic food (a food in the mode of goodness).

(10) Whatever you hear is heard by your child too within the womb.  Therefore, hear the songs and kirtans about Krishna as much as possible.  These vibrations will reach the child also within the womb and make his/ her consciousness dominated with Krishna.

(11) Too much of worries will make your child also worried because worrying passes negative vibrations to the child and also affect the blood pressure, brain functions, etc.  Therefore, do not  be affected by the worries and keep your mind always calm by entrusting yourself to Krishna.  Everything is for your goodness only. Therefore, keep your mind calm to pass only the positive vibrations to your child in the womb.

(12) As said by Manu Samhita, once the pregnancy is confirmed, the couples should stop having relations till one month after the child delivery.  However, formal closeness is not prohibited that will boost the morale of the pregnant woman.  Krishna Conscious couples may like to avoid too much of closeness also during the pregnancy, because it may accidentally lead to physical interactions. Better be supportive and helpful to the wife during her pregnancy. Having too much of desire is that of rajo guna and hence may corrupt the mind of the child in the womb.

(13) The wife should involve in normal household activities that gives movements to the body muscles and hence the child delivery may not be difficult.  They should not be lazy taking rest that may complicate the pregnancy.  However, heavy works can be avoided.

(14) Read Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatham and other literatures on Krishna as much as possible during pregnancy. You should read the Sanskrit verses also because the child inside the womb is said to understand Sanskrit since it is under the control of God whose primary language is Sanskrit. Another eeason is that the vibrations given by the Sanskrit texts are very much effective in giving a spiritual consciousness.

(15) Have a regular check up with the same doctor every month and take corrective steps if she suggests any deficiency.  Take sufficient food as suggested by the doctor after offering to Lord.  Clearly tell the doctor that you are a devotee and a pure vegetarian and request him to prescribe only the medicines that does not contain alcohol, garlic, animal ingredients, etc.  For example, some doctors suggest taking cod liver oil for vitamin A and sea shell based calcium tablets.  If you tell him that you are a vegetarian, she will suggest other sources of vitamins.

(16) Though some of your family members are not cooperating with your devotional practices or are discouraging you, just neglect their acts and proceed with your activities related to Krishna and the child.  However, do not miss to finish the family works so that those family members are not affected.  If there are elderly people, do all the services to them just as a duty.  If there are children in the family, take care of them nicely so that those other members are not irritated.

(17) Do not expect only a male child. Accept the one given by the Lord since both are the similar  souls having two different bodies. Cultivate that child with love and care. Disrespecting a girl child is the disrespect to the arrangement of Krishna.

(18) As per the scriptures, avoid family planning surgery after the delivery of the first or second child. Such surgeries (Eg: Vasectomy for men; Tubectomy for women) are against the natural laws.  Pregnancy should be controlled only by means of self regulation in mating. Instead, follow mating during those days that are considered to be safe. When you need a child, you may have relations during the middle 15 days between any two months of menstruation.

(19) Don’t prepone or postpone the delivery date and time through artificial means or through caesarean surgery. Let the child takes birth on a date and time as per the schedule fixed by the karma network.  However, if the delivery can be done only through the surgery, other wise the woman or child will die, then, delivery through caesarian surgery can be done.

(20) Healthy spiritual food (Prasadam) with all the nutrients (particularly more vegetables and fruits along with some grains and nuts), sincere chanting, focused hearing of devotional songs, having the association of devotees more and getting as much blessings possible from the vaishnavas will help you to get a nice child with the devotional consciousness.

Thus, do everything keeping the base as Krishna. Mix Krishna in all your activities and thoughts. Consider this child as the gift of Krishna and try your beest to make him/ her as a devotee of Krishna. Also teach him all the things that he/ she need to earn and take care of his/ her own life comfortably.

Hope this reply has helped you.

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