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Qn. In detail from a devotee:

Sir. I always think krishna is our true friend. We cant see him bcz we are inside his head. Bt he is always thinking of us. Just like a unborn baby cant find his mother but the mother is loving the child. I was not a devotee from the beginning. But when i came to know about gita, about krishna, i started to trust him and I had the feeling of bhakti towards him was the eternal happiness. But suddenly one day i was arguing with one of my loved ones. And felt like krishna doesn’t want me to be happy or something like this. And then all the happiness and joy left me. In that time whatever i was doing all the time my mind was chanting hare krishna. I felt energy to work hard. I was just thinking of him all the time. But after that arguing and feeling against krishna i am no longer feeling that eternal joy nd intuition and my mind is not chanting his mantra. So i thought what is it. How to go back to the good time. But i think he is always protecting me.. And forgives me for all the sins. But is it any sin i have committed that my mind knows but i don’t?  i believe in worshiping him by niskam karma. But should i go to temple now?   Bt whenever my mind diverts from krisna to other side. what should i do then?


Your message shows me three indications:

(1) You have hidden doubts have doubt “Is Krishna true?” and whether Krishna helps you or not.

(2) Your devotion is based on the emotions rather than realities and Intelligence.

(3) Though you speak of Nishkam devotion (Devotion without expecting returns), you are actually following devotion with some expectations.

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Let us see this in detail:

First, everyone should get rid of the doubt “Is Krishna true” to develop devotion naturally.

I too had this oscillation in the beginning of my devotional practices. Not only me, most of the devotees would have this oscillation in the beginning.

As I had already explained in social media in the past, I myself got convinced that Krishna is true through an experiment.  If I remind that experiment, it will help you too to develop full faith on Krishna.

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I had read Krishna saying in Bhagavad Gita that all the vedas originated from Him. I wanted to prove the existence of Krishna through this statement.

Vedic  horoscope astrology is the part of vedas.  If I get convinced that the vedic astrology is true and genuine sastra, its origin Krishna should be true and original.  Therefore, I learnt Vedic astrology and verified with my own horoscope first.

To my surprise, the year-wise predictions shown in the horoscope since my birth were actually true and perfect.  It showed that in my age 15, my father would have died.  It had happened and I had lost my father in my Plus one (11th std) studies in the age 15.  The horoscope showed all the struggles that I faced with heavy loans in my business and successfully clearing them.  To my extreme surprise, my horoscope exactly showed Durga (Parvati) as my Kuladevatha (God by inheritance).  The Mercury’s strong position in the fifth house of my horoscope showed that I will accept Vishnu/ Krishna as my ISHTA DEVATHA (God that we accept in the middle of life based on our inclinations, though we had some other god by birth).


Thus, I found many accurate proofs that Vedic astrology is 100% genuine and true.

Then, I checked 100s of horoscopes of popular personalities as a research.  Everything proved that the sastra is true.

Then, I concluded if vedic astrology is true, then, its source Krishna should also be true.  Thus, I 100% confirmed/ convinced myself that Krishna is true, Krishna’s words in Bhagavad Gita are true and Krishna Himself is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

Then, my faith in the words of the acharyas and Scriptures increased and became strong.

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Only because I myself had been convinced about Krishna, I could give first preference for Krishna in my life that made me preach about Krishna online since the year 2011 as effectively as possible without the break of even a single day and could help lakhs of devotees to be in touch with Krishna and follow devotion balancing it in practical life. No other activity gives me a SOULFUL SATISFACTION except when I serve the lord and His devotees.   Most of the readers may not know that I even stopped my earning business  because daily Post updates and follow up of devotees consumed most of my time. When I was in a critical situation of choosing which to run – whether my business or this reaching service, I happily dropped my business because I internally feel the indication that Krishna wants me to involve in preaching more than business. To run my life, I introduced some paid services, ads and donations to involve the willing and fortunate devotees also in this service by encouraging and supporting me.

Krishna knows that I am serving Him without expectations of becoming the richest, but just to earn to live and help others live a better life as devotees.  I do not know whether the revenue through these sites will fulfill the needs of running the sites and my life but, still, I daringly decided to keep these  sites instead of business because this service gives me a feel of being with Krishna and His devotees. It is up to the devotees to make use of this service with undiluting eagerness and support the sites as if they are their own as explained in THIS PAGE.

My point is that, if the devotees act as per the SUBTLE DIRECTIONS directions of Krishna from within, Krishna will not let His devotees fall.  Like Arjuna did. Like Srila Prabhupada did.  Everyone should act like Arjuna, Srila Prabhupada, etc,  putting full faith on Lord. I have the faith that Krishna will take care of my basic needs of life if I serve Him as sincerely as possible. So, this service is running steadily.

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You too should have strong faith that Krishna really exists, Krishna is true and is watching you all the time from within your heart as Paramathma.   Therefore, do not have even a trace of doubt about the existence of Krishna.  Do not expect Him to help you AS EXPECTED BY YOU. KRISHNA KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU INCLUDING YOUR ACCUMULATED KARMA.  HE WILL ACT IN SUCH A WAY THAT GIVES ONLY GOOD TO YOU, IN HIS OWN WAY.  Some times, some incidents may seem against you, but, in the view of Krishna, it will be for your betterment.

If you have full faith in the existence and mercy of Krishna, your involvement in devotion will not face any breaks in the middle.  It will be stable.

Therefore, my advice to you is:  Believe Krishna’s presence and His own way of helping His devotees.  Krishna does exist and Krishna is true!

All the best.

Do you still have doubts like”Does Krishna Exist? Is Krishna true? How Can One avoid such doubts?” etc, and His supremacy?

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