A girl devotee asked:

“Prabhu, if we want chant hare Krishna mantra also, does we need good astrology. ? Our grahas should support to chant or not. ? Because whenever I want to do Krishna chanting,  accidentally things making me forget.  How can I overcome it.  Thank you so much Prabhu for you reply. Hare Krishna.”


WE NEED GOOD KARMA TO CHANT EFFECTIVELY FROM BIRTH ITSELF. This means, Only if a child takes birth in a devotee family, it is because of the good & pious karma of that child in its previous births.  But, continuing his chanting and living as a devotee depend on how he uses his free will given by Krishna.


For example, a person would have tried to follow devotion in his previous birth. Because of his family issues or getting affected by material desires, he would have stopped the devotional way of life and started to lead a materialistic way of life.

He will be given the next life in a devotional family without issues to pull him back from devotion and without the need to spend attention for family issues.

The good karma decides his next birth in a devotional or wealthy family and WE NEED GOOD KARMA TO CHANT in the beginning. The role of previous karma ends here and he has to continue devotion from this comfortable life now.

However, whether he will continue as a devotee even in this ‘issue-free ‘family, or, he falls victim of the comforts and has to take another birth to get purified, depends on how he uses his free will given by Krishna in this birth with all the facilities.

Good karma gives good next birth.   But, continuance of that life and performing new good or bad activities depend on his free will.

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In addition to giving good next birth, Krishna even shows good people to guide you. But, Krishna does not compel you to make use of them.  He leaves that decision to your choice. Krishna has given freedom to us to select how we should live.  His karma network gives reactions accordingly.

As a reward for our good karma, the Karma network just gives a birth in a good family again to facilitate him to follow devotion.  If he uses the comfortable new life to practice devotion without much barriers and develop sufficient material detachment and attachment to Krishna, he will be given the rare chance to go back to Krishna.  If he misuses his free will and involve in materialistic comforts, then, he will be given the next birth according to his present deeds.

However, since, Krishna is so merciful,  He will not allow the devotee’s devotion go waste.  Therefore, he will give him a suitable birth WITH A SITUATION that WILL MAKE HIM TO follow devotion sincerely.  If the devotee does not utilize this opportunity AT ALL or sufficiently, Krishna allows him many births and he will come to serious devotion one day.

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Whether he goes to higher planets and again comes to earth, or, he directly takes birth on earth again depends on how much he was involved in devotion in his previous birth.

To understand this further, let us read what Krishna says.

Krishna Himself confirms this in Bhagavad Gita like this:

Bhagavad Gita (6-41): 

“The unsuccessful yogi, after many, many years of enjoyment on the planets of the pious living entities, is born into a family of righteous people, or into a family of rich aristocracy.”

A.C. Bhakti Vedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada says in his Purport: 

“The unsuccessful yogīs are divided into two classes: one is fallen after very little progress, and one is fallen after long practice of yoga. The yogī who falls after a short period of practice goes to the higher planets, where pious living entities are allowed to enter. After prolonged life there, one is sent back again to this planet, to take birth in the family of a righteous brāhmaṇa Vaiṣṇava or of aristocratic merchants.

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The real purpose of yoga practice is to achieve the highest perfection of Krishna consciousness, as explained in the last verse of this chapter. But those who do not persevere to such an extent and who fail because of material allurements are allowed, by the grace of the Lord, to make full utilization of their material propensities. And after that, they are given opportunities to live prosperous lives in righteous or aristocratic families. Those who are born in such families may take advantage of the facilities and try to elevate themselves to full Krishna consciousness.”

Now, let us continue:

Even while taking birth, that child would have been destined that it will choose a devotional way of life and the child had the good karma to chant even in the beginning.

Now, in your case, you have taken birth in a suitable family as per your previous karma.  Now, you are following chanting.  Maya is trying her best to pull you back to materialistic way of life because it is her duty.


Unless you dedicate your mind fully in following devotional practices including chanting, you can not drive maya out.

If our devotion is sincere, maya can’t divert us.

Therefore, consider that you are fortunate to have started chanting the Lord’s Names.  Lord does not interfere in our free will.  However, he eagerly expects us to come to Him.

Now, you have to decide:

(1) whether to honour the call by Krishna and go back to Him and lead an eternal way of blissful service in the kingdom of Krishna.


(2) whether to honour the call by maya and take birth again and again in this painful material world with some temporary pleasures.

If you decide in favour of the case-1, then, give dedication to chanting and other devotional practices.

In due course of time, when you become dedicated and chant with the taste, you will not be diverted from chanting by maya.

All the best.


Author: RAJAN

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