Is Grahastha life Impure & Inferior? Can a Grahastha go back to Krishna?

Is Grahastha life Impure & Inferior? Can a Grahastha go back to Krishna?

A male devotee asked like this with the request of anonymity:

what is s…x? please dnt use my name in your page please ….what is s……x and it is necessary to have…? my view is to marry a girl and we need to reach krishna by together? it is correct or not


Only if lived materialistically, that Grahastha life is Impure & Inferior.  Such a Grahastha can not go back to Krishna. But, if lived serving Krishna together with wife, such a grahstha life is not Impure & Inferior and rhat Grahastha go back to Krishna.

The word s….x has been wrongly interpreted by the media as just enjoyments.  S…..x actually means classification of males and females.  That is why we call as opposite sex.

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However, s…..xual activity means involving in “REPRODUCTION ACTIVITY”.   The organs have been given not for enjoyments purposes, but for transferring cells from man to women thereby producing children.  To achieve this TRANSFER OF SPERMS, the supplier need a suitable instrument to unload the cells near the uterus and the receiver needs a canal to receive and store the supplied cells.

That’s all.  The male has to send the cells inside the female body so that the male cells and the female eggs can unite and give birth to a new baby.

Lord has given some kind of short term pleasure during this interactive process for both male and female that is similar to the pleasure received while rubbing the burns with nails.  Had the Lord not given this short term pleasure, no person will involve in these activities.  So, the world population will become zero.

So as to make the males and females to involve in this process of reproduction, the Lord has given this short term pleasure.

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So, the people will involve more in reproduction and hence the population will grow and be maintained in the planet.

This is what happens.  But, the media is making all kinds of inducements by giving different dimention for this s…..x factor.   They are advising different methods through media.  Whatever the case may be, the thing that happens is JUST TRANSFER  OF CELLS FOR REPRODUCTION.  The media including cinema are trying their best to show the females like instruments for s….x.  But, they do not know that it is the clever arrangement of Krishna to maintain the population.

When you give importance for “pleasure” factor, you will feel “Mental agitation, but physical inability” when you become old.  If you give importance for REPRODUCTION FACTOR, you can remain peaceful even in your old age because you have done your duty.

Your next question:  Is s….x necessary for life?  Yes….It is necessary for REPRODUCTION.  Only for that.  Not for pleasure.  When we involve in s…x considering it as pleasure, we will be taken away by maya because when we involve in pleasure, we will need it every day.


If you consider s….x as just a reproduction activity and a duty for men, then, you will not expect s…x every day and you will involve in it as a duty.

And, when you get a child, you have a duty to bring him/ her up as a devotee of the Lord.  If you develop the child as just an earning machine without feeding Krishna Consciousness, then, the child is another burden for this planet making your Grahastha life Impure & Inferior. Such an impure Grahastha can not go back to Krishna.

So, if you are ready to make Krishna Conscious children, s….x is a necessity. Only that person is a successful and Pure grahastha who will be eligible to go back to Krishna.


Your Last question:  Is marrying and reaching Krishna together as couples possible?

Definitely possible if both the wife and husband have realized the purpose of marriage and follow the grahastha rules about marriage life.  Grahastha life is not just a s….x life.  It is an ashrama in which we follow God consciousness together with the spouse.

So, if you lead your grahastha life keeping Krishna at the centre, both the wife and husband can go back to the lord.

Pure Grahastha life is not impure & inferior to sanyasa if lived as per the grahastha rules. And, Such a Pure Grahastha devotee can go back to Krishna.

At the same time, the sanyasis who are thinking of women and family from the forest can not go to Krishna.

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Author: RAJAN

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