Which is the best offering to Krishna that one can give? Why?

Which is the best offering to Krishna that one can give? Why?

The People in this world have different financial backgrounds and they offer many types of offerings to Krishna.

Many offer the richest possible materials and show their capacity to all.

Many offer whichever possible for them according to their capacity.

Many others do not have anything remarkable to offer to Krishna.

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But, there is a doubt for many:  Which is the best offering to Krishna that we can give?

The best offering should be the one that Krishna does not have.

You may give gold, diamond, etc.  But, Krishna has all the aishwarya (wealths).

You may give fruits, food, etc.  That too are available with Krishna.

Then, which is the best offering to Krishna?

Kanchi Kamakodi Sankaracharya Sri Chandrasekarendra Swami (late), one of the True sanyasis of this world, has given a nice reply for this question:

Our Manas (Mind).


Mind (Manas) is the collection of our thoughts, not a fleshy organ.

Mind is material.

Mind is given only for humans and other living beings.  Krishna does not need such a mind because He has no material thoughts and Krishna is purely spiritual.

So, We should offer our mind that Krishna does not have, or does not require.

So, if we offer our Manas, Krishna will be very happy.

How to offer our manas to Krishna?

Simple.  Just skip ego, ie stop thinking that you are the doer and everything is done by Krishna. Just give your mind to Krishna and act as instructed by Him.  Do not think that you have separate identity on your own.  Instead, think that your only identity is the servant of Krishna.


You can offer food, materials, etc to Krishna JUST TO SHOW YOUR LOVE TOWARDS KRISHNA.


But, the best offering to Krishna is YOUR MANAS ITSELF.  What materials we offer is not important. They should be the one that Krishna eats.  That’s all.

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This is not just my opinion, but that of a revered acharya.

If you do not accept the words of that acharya, I tell you that Krishna too has said so.  Do you know?

Krishna Himself says this in Bhagavad Gita ch-9 text 26 : “If one offers Me with Love and Devotion a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I will accept it”.

Here, the words “with Love and Devotion” is the condition.  Just offering is not enough.  Offering should be with Love and Devotion.   When will the love come?  Only when we give our mind and heart.  If a boy tells a girl that he loves her, that means he has lost his mind and heart to her.

Similarly, without offering your mind to Krishna, you can not offer food, leaf, water, fruits, etc to Krishna.

So, what this Post said is correct.  Let us accept it and follow.

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