Why Annadhaan (Prasadam Distribution) is the best charity among others?

Why Annadhaan (Prasadam Distribution) is the best charity among others?

Actually, there are many types of charities:

(1) Donating the clothes to the needy.

(2) Donating money to the needy.

(3) Donating old or new materials to others.

(4) Donating food to others,  like that.

(5) Giving shelter to someone in need.

Among all other charities (dhaan), free distribution of Food or Prasadam (Annadhaan) is considered as the best.

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There is a reason for that.



If the receiver does not get satisfied, no dhaan will be effective.

That is why, the scriptures recommend that we should give DHAAN LIBERALLY AND HENCE OUR KARMA WILL REDUCE THAT WILL AGAIN MULTIPLY OUR FINANCIAL STATUS!  They also recommend us to liberally donate to the brahmanas who perform rituals in our home or who enlightens us preaching the vedic scriptures, so that that brahmana gets satisfied and thanks us.

On the same basis, we have to see why Prasadam Distribution (Annadhaan) is the best charity among all other charities!

If you offer money, clothes, material things, etc, no one will feel “I am satisfied” because they can accommodate more resources with them.

But, they can’t eat beyond a limit.

Though you offer delicious food to them, after eating a certain quantity, they themselves will say “ENOUGH, I AM SATISFIED, THANK YOU”



So, hereafter, if you get an opportunity to offer prasadam to anyone, thank Krishna for giving that opportunity.  Feed that person till he says ENOUGH.

Should we stop with Annadhaan itself?  No other charities?

Not so. The same scriptures also say that we should gift to the brahmanas or other needy persons WHAT THEY NEED, NOT JUST FOOD.

if a person is in need of certain amount of money, you can donate that amount.  He can’t live with food alone.  He may have other needs like shelter, clothes, money for other needs, etc.

For example, for me, I need only money to keep myself and our service alive in spite of growing needs and pressures.  So, I should be helped with money only. If I come to your house, offer me Krishna Prasadam.  That is the good practice.  Thus, we should offer what others badly need.

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So, while helping others in need with money and materials, also add offering Prasadam till they get satisfied.

This will definitely bring the mercy of Krishna still faster, because by donating cash and kind to others, your karma gets reduced that fastens your advancement in devotion also.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhiji,

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Please accept my humble obeisances. I have read your article on Annadhana (https://krishnatoday.com/annadhaan-prasadam-distribution/). In this article you have mentioned that “IT IS DONTING TO THE SATISFACTION OF THE RECEIVER. If the receiver does not get satisfied, no dhaan will be effective.” in related to annadhana.

    People often say that Kanya dhaan during marraige is considdered the highest dhaan. In this regard will the same statement holds good. Should a women be given in dhaan. Can you please explain the mood of parent of girl child should be having while doing kanya dhaan.

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