Are Offering our Prayers without the Manthras effective or not?

Are Offering our Prayers without the Manthras effective or not?

Ravi asked like this:

Rajan sir.  really need your great guidance.i am sure that my question would be something that runs too in the mind of many others.

1.Sir,I do pray to Lakshmi nrasimha bhagawan,but my prayers are very very very simple prayers (I light up 5 ghee lamps on 5 betel leaves on Tuesdays and Fridays and pray to Lakshmi nrasimha and that’s it but at that particular moment,I do it with devotion and not with requests) and infact honestly sir,I don’t chant or say any mantras related to Lakshmi nrasimha and so my question is,would I still be able to get his grace and blessing or I must say mantras and do real poojas to get nrasimhas blessings and grace and further sir we need to tell out to the Lord about our problems or wishes or needs or all that is not necessary,for lord nrasimha would and do know all.please do guide and answer Rajan sir,about my 2 questions.


Mantrhas, Slokas and songs are also the prayers and glorifications of the Gods towards which the manthras are recited.

Everyone is in a particular format.  That’s all.

Manthras are special because they are given importance for their Vibration in the sanskrit language.  Sanskrit vibrations have the power of reaching the targetted deity.

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At the same time, since Krishna resides in our heart as Paramathma, even our thoughts can be understood by Him.

Krishna or Narsimha deva see only the Love, not just the rituals.

The purpose of the rituals including reciting the manthras, Japas etc are just to ignite and enhance our love for Krishna.

When a devotee advances in devotion, he may feel being in contact with Krishna.

Therefore, he may not require the rituals. In such state, Offering our Prayers without the Manthras are effective!

Even the temple worships are meant for Dvapar Yuga.

For kaliyuga, being in the smaran (thoughts) of Krishna is the ONLY recommended procedure.


So, we do Japa.  When we do Japa for 90 minutes, atleast we will think of krishna while doing japa that may keep us in the thoughts of krishna throughout the day.

So, if you perform Japa, there is no need for any other rituals in this kaliyuga.

Though you worship Krishna / Narsimha deva without reciting the manthras, He will accept it.

Though you do not recite other manthras, atleast you should do Harinam JAPA.

If you like to skip even the harinama japa, it is not good.

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I will call it as Laziness.

Only if a person performs a Japa daily, he is a devotee.

Unless a person chants and follows disciplinary advices, he is not a proper devotee.

So, my advice is:  Do not skip japa – Chanting.

Follow chanting and silently pray as you like to Krishna / Narsimha deva.

You should sacrifice your time for the Lord by chanting His holy names.

If you pray / worship the Lord without chanting, it may be seen as selfish prayer.

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That means, praying without sacrificing anything for the Lord.

By sacrificing, we gradually lose our ego.

When our ego comes down, it pleases the Lord.

So, do not confuse with so many manthras.  If possible, learn and recite them.

If not, do Japa sincerely atleast for an hour daily.  If it is not possible, chant atleast for 30 minutes.  If it is also not possible, sorry,  review your ego.  You may be thinking that you are independent and greater than the Lord without time to chant even for 30 minutes.

Chanting will be very effective in pleasing the Lord.  It is recommended by Sri Caitanya Maha Prabhu too.

Then, about asking the God something.


Of course, Nishkam devotion is the topmost stage.  However, since the devotees do not have any other hold except Krishna / Narsimha deva, it is npt wrong to pray for something from the God.

You need not ask for favour from Krishna / Narsimha deva.  You can tell your problems atleast as a consolation.  Krishna / Narsimha deva will hear them.

So, do not feel guilt to speak to Krishna / Narsimha deva with your problems.  When you advance in the Love for Krishna / Narsimha deva, you will stop asking anything from Krishna / Narsimha deva and you will realize that Krishna / Narsimha deva knows our problems well as nothing is possible without the approval of Krishna.

We invite our problems ourselves.  Krishna does not give problems for us. However, when we suffer with problems, Krishna helps us to face them successfully.

Hope you are clear about Offering our Prayers without the Manthras effective or not.

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