My friend’s mother offers meat to Krishna treating like her son. What to do?

My friend’s mother offers meat to Krishna treating like her son. What to do?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

One of my friend’s mother worships laddu Gopalji in her home. She offers him meat as they are meat eaters. When I told not to offer laddu Gopalji meat she said that Gopalji is like her son and since she gives meat to her own son she also offers the same to Him. She even puts Laddu Gopalji to sleep beside her in her own bed like her son. When I told her Krishna doesn’t accept meat and will be displeased with the offering, she said if Krishna had been displeased with her, they wouldn’t have flourished so much materially. And this is true they are very well off. When my friend was giving his board exams she brought Gopalji to the exam. My friend became the topper from our school. Even now he has passed graduation with excellent marks. His mother thinks that it is Gopalji’s blessings that her son is doing so well and they are also flourishing materially day by day. Whenever someone gives examinations they take Laddu Gopalji with them and they do really well in the exams. She really loves Gopalji’s very much. If Krishna doesn’t accept meat how are they doing so well? Can please these two questions? Please hide my name.


This is highly offensive. She is ignorant if she offers meat to Krishna.

There are many classes of gods in India.

Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva does not accept meat offerings. Some village devathas are offered meat by the people. Since their powers are very limited, ie, within that locality, this custom should not be taken as authoritative. Most of the village devathas are very aggressive in nature. Even some humans who lived a good life is made gods in India and meat is offered to them too. There are people who offer even liquor to the village devathas.

These are all ignorant customs followed by ignorant people.

Only those who are dominated with thamo and rajo gunas offer meat to a deity.

The woman mentioned by you is worshiping Krishna. There is no chance that Krishna will accept meat offerings though it is done out of love.

What is love exchange? Only if we offer what the loved one prefers to eat. If you go to your relative’s house and they offer you meat though they know that you are a vegetarian, will you accept that?

Krishna too is a vegetarian. He Himself says this in Bhagavad Gita. He tells us to offer even a leaf, fruit, water with love that will please Him. Thus he indicates that He is a vegetarian.

Krishna is not a vegan, but vegetarian only because He Himself consumed plenty of butter that is a product of cow milk. So, He is a vegetarian, not even a vegan.

In no place Krishna tells us to offer meat to Him.

So, though that woman offers meat, Krishna will never accept that. He will give another birth to her to become more intelligent to understand the wishes of Krishna properly.

She says that Krishna offered high rank to her son and huge material benefits to her family. This was not offered by Krishna directly. She had helped many people financially in her previous births and hence she has been blessed with wealth in this birth.

Therefore, all her material goodness is because of her past karma. Not by Krishna directly.

Krishna never interferes in His own department of justice Karma Network. Karma will be doing its duty of offering reactions according to the actions of the people in every birth.

Only in rare cases, Krishna directly involves and relaxes the reactions of karma network.

And, keeping Krishna’s deity on bed while sleeping is not a good act because bed is a contaminated place to keep Krishna’s deity or even picture.

So, she is wrong and Krishna will not approve that. He will make her intelligent in due course of time.

Hope this helps.

Author: RAJAN

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