The illicit activities that should be avoided by the devotees!

The illicit activities that should be avoided by the devotees!

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“I want to know what exactly does illicit relations mean? And interms of me and him what would be considered illicit relation? A hug and a kiss is illicit? Romantic talk is illicit? I want to know it in detail properly so I can avoid. I am hesitant to ask my mentors about this topic.”


All you mentioned come under illicit or immoral activities to be avoided by the devotees.

You may consider a girl as friend. But, in vedic culture, male-female friendship is condemned.

In today’s free culture, the people may take the free interactions between males and females easy.

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But I can not give a certain details that are against the vedic way of life.

I have suggested some relaxatiions in dress codes, chanting timings, prasadam preparation, etc if any devotee is unable to follow them for genuine reasons.

But I never suggested any relaxations in the disciplinary rules, ie, regulative principles.

As far as Onion and Garlic are concerned, you may take some time to stop them IN EXTREME SITUATIONS ONLY IF your family does not support avoiding onion and garlic and you are unable to make alternative arrangements.. If no one will object, you can stop them immediately.

But, in the case of meat, ilicit relations, gambling, intoxicating agents, etc, I never write suggesting any relaxations.

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Because Both mental and physical purity is the most important requirement for  the devotees.

Purity is the force.

Though you feel that you had violated disciplinary codes in the past, no issues. Stop from now. Krishna will help you to become free from all the sense disturbances.

Sincerely and truly surrendering to Krishna who is the master of senses is important.

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Ok, what kind of activities are also called illicit/ premarital/ extramarital in nature in addition to actual involvement in the sexual act?

Here are some examples:

(1) Kissing.

(2) Hugging.

(3) Lying on the laps of another.

(4) Touching any part of the body of another.

(5) Going to movies/ any place privately with the companion other than spouse.

(6) Even thinking of doing the above acts within mind though not involved physically.

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These are just a few examples for your understanding.

Overall, spending time with the opposite gender privately is expected to be avoided.

These are just safety measures to reduce the chances of fall down. More opportunities will cause more violations.  So the regulative principles are meant to reduce the opportunities to violate.

Since every living being is subject to maya and offenses, these preventive precautions are needed for every devotee.

Again I remind you:  Purity is the Force.


Author: RAJAN

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