How to repent for our past illicit activities and sins?

How to repent for our past illicit activities and sins?

Qn. In detail from a girl:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji , With mercy of Krishna am little bit free, but what is the repentance or pashchataap for premarital or illicit violations?  Pls help me your answer will make me light. Hare Krishna


All our activities involve karma in it unless we do them to please Krishna.

An Illicit activity is done for your pleasure.  Therefore, it involves karma.

The boys and girls, getting induced by senses, just physically interact and go.  But, they do not think of the serious consequences for that girl.  But, the girl will have to live with the guilt and fear of getting found by her present/future husband.

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Therefore, before doing any activity, we should evaluate whether it is a permitted activity and its future consequences.  If it is an illicit activity, you should not go with the voice of mind because your mind will mostly encourage you to go for it.  The mind always prefers pleasure.  It will not think of the consequences.

That is why, we should hear the voice of our intelligence.  Our intelligence is based on the experiences and observations. It will remind us whenever we deviate from ethics, that we are going on wrong path.

If we doubt our intelligence too, we should follow the recommendations of the scriptures in this matter.

Ok, these tips are to AVOID illicit activities.

It has happened already and you feel for it now.  So, you like to come out of the karma.

In general, most of the offenders commit all the offences, but go for short cut remedial rituals/ parihars by paying something to the astrologers or purohits.

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Many parihars recommended by the astrologers do not give remedies.



If you perform the parihar rituals as to repent for our past illicit activities and sins, by paying to an astrologer or purohit, without feeling for your past violations and without resolving not to commit such violations in future, such repentance will not relieve us from karma.

Therefore, for a repentance to work,

(i) you should REALLY FEEL for your offences.
(ii) Then, you should resolve not to commit such violations in future in front of Krishna’s picture or deities. You should promise Krishna.
(iii) You should beg for pardon from the affected person to forgive you.
(iv) Then, you should actively involve in the services to Krishna. This is very important.


If you had committed illicit acts because of the forceful act of the opponent without your interest, the above two decisions are enough, since it is their fault.

However, if you had performed the same with a person by inducing him to agree, then, you should offer to marry him.  If he agrees, you should marry him.  If he does not agree, beg for his forgiveness for that incident having happened.  Get his pardon at any cost.

In case you had committed illicit acts with more than one family boys, you should marry the one among them.  And, you should beg and get their excuse for such acts in the past.

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In future, do not involve in such activities.  Be a principled person and concentrate in following devotional practices seriously.  Follow the above suggestions and come out of guilt.

If you follow the above resolutions seriously in future till you die, you will get immunity from reactions for those offences. If you resume the same sinful act even once, the karmic reactions will be severe.

If a person is disturbed by senses, he should select a girl/boy as he wishes and marry earlier and involve seriously in Krishna Conscious practices to regulate his senses. Instead of doing this, why should we involve in sinful acts by spoiling the lives of others and then try to repent for our past illicit activities and sins?

So, Marry and avoid sinful acts.

Hope this helps you .

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