Is it sinful to work in an illegal company?

Is it sinful to work in an illegal company?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Sir.  I am working in a company where its core business is illegal totally and I need this job coz they are paying me well. Sir am I doing right or wrong ??   Should I leave this job ??   But I’m afraid whether I’ll get good amount of money in another company.  I’m confused sir whether it is a sin ??   Plz guide sir.  Help me.  Waiting for ur reply hare krishna.”


Undoubtedly sinful.

Assisting a person who is doing sinful acts is also sinful.

For example, Consider a person who cuts a goat and another person is holding the goat tightly when the first person cuts the goat.  Who acquires the sin of killing the goat?

Both the person who cut it and the one who was holding the goat while cutting, shares equal sins, though only the person who cut it eats the goat and the second person does not eat it.  He assisted the person to kill the goat.  So, he also gets the sins.

Am I right by telling like this?  You may ask me.

Sastras say so.  It is not my theory.  I am telling it attractively, that’s all.

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Indian Scriptures give importance for association.  That is why, it is said that one can judge the character of someone by seeing his friends. If one’s friends are immoral people, this person too may be immoral. Otherwise, he can’t like to associate with immoral people.

Not only working, even giving something to sinful people is also sinful.

It is not my view, but, that of Krishna himself.

In Garuda Purana, Lord Narayana (Krishna) advises us NOT TO give even dhaans (donations) to those brahmanas who are doing sinful acts also. We must use the services of a brahmana for performing vedic rituals or marriage functions only after evaluating whether a brahmana is following discipline. In case, we use the services of an indisciplined brahmana and give him gifts/ dhaans, etc, we share the sins of his sinful activities.

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Because, only because we encourage him by using his services, he dares to continue to do sinful acts.  So, we are assisting that brahmana to become more sinful. That is why, in kaliyuga, performance of yagas, yagnas, homas have been prohibitted because, as per Srimad Bhagavatham, PERFECT BRAHMANAS are very less in kaliyuga to perform rituals.

Same applies for beggars.  If we help a beggar who has perfect body and mind to work and earn, but is begging out of lethargy or profitability, we aquire negative karma of making a person lethargic.  So, we must offer gifts only to the beggars who are really helpless, visionless, handicapped, mentally challenged,  dropped out in old age, etc.

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Similarly, it is better for us to work in a company that is dealing with legal services and products.  You may ask: whether it is legal by the laws of government or laws of dharma.

The reply is: as per the laws of dharma.  Why? Because, one activity may be allowed in one country and not allowed in another country.  Eg:  Plantation of narcotic plants like Ganja, majuarina is allowed in some western countries. But, it is illegal in India and some other countries.

Similarly, only the sexual acts within husband and wife  is allowed in scriptures, but, in the laws of government, the sex between two youths with consent before marriage is allowed and not punishable.

So, the laws of scriptures and the laws of governments will differ in many cases.  So, follow the laws of scriptures that you are following.

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What kind of jobs the people can do a days in this modern world?

Some examples:  Teaching, agriculture, milk production, promoting or working in companies producing consumer products, consumer durables like computer, IT and IT enabled services, production industries, General stores, vegetable selling, medical shops and production of drugs, service industries, automobiles, construction inductries, oil industries, electricity industries, internet, web designing, software developping, hardware, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, construction industry, etc.  The list will be big.  You can also go to government jobs, military services, etc that are permitted.  Becoming a brahmana and teaching others about Lord and scriptures, is also a recommended job.

You may avoid working in a company that is producing/ selling liquor (except pharma companies that use alcohol for some syrups), lotteries, meat and meat products, media promoting adult illegal contents, media that is publishing paid news (Paid ads are allowed since people know that it is advt), bogus finance companies if you know that they try to cheat the people.

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This list is not complete.  Thus, there are 100s of permitted jobs to earn and live.  Though you work in legal industries, seriously involve in Krishna Consciousness simultaneously.  Work keeping Lord in mind.

In brief, we can briefly say:  Do and earn any job that does not affect innocent people and animals.

(1) Do not do any job or work in a company that is doing any job/ producing any product that is prohibitted by your government laws though it is allowed in sastras. This is just to lead a peaceful life free from litigations.

(2) Do not do any job or work in a company that is doing any job/ production of any product that is allowed by your government laws, but, not allowed by sastras.  This is to escape from karmic reactions.

(3) So, do any job that has been allowed both by sastras and the law of your country. It is safe in this birth as well as after leaving this body.

To know what are the jobs / activities recommended by your government, refer the classes mentioned in the trade marks registry of your country in their website. It lists the activities permitted by the govt and also give registration for the brands.

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This is safe for you. In case your company is caught by the government in future, you too will be affected and you may not be in key post, but will lose the job when you are not prepared for a shift.  For example, if a finance company promoters run away cheating the innocent people, the police arrests the working ‘senior’ staffs of that company also because, they too are involved in such offences of the promoters.

So, try your level best to switch your job if your company is doing prohibitted acts.  There are many companies that take talented people.  So, try your best to get another job.  Try sincerely.  If you do not get a good job in spite of your sincere attempts, do not involve in administrative activities of that company.  Just be a last bench employee and do your duties without attachment.  Also pray to Lord to forgive the offences and give you another legal job though it pays a little bit less.  Keep on trying for a good job and switch whenever you get it.

Till that, work there.

For youth who are trying for jobs:  If you like to lead a peaceful life, try and go only for a good jobs not prohibbbitted by the scriptures.

I have seen in our temples, that those devotees who are working in Government ‘Office’ jobs involve in devotion comfortably because, it is 10-5 job of about 6-7 hrs. After that, they are free.  So, becoming a government servant is good for a peaceful life.  Even after retirement, you and your spouse are protected with pension till death.

Next preferable is Private companies. Here, the only issue is that we may have to switch jobs at any time when that company does not perform well or there are politics in the management or any other reasons like purposefully excessive assignments beyond the capacity of a normal person without costing your personal life.

Usually the business people are struggling to manage their time for devotion in temples that I have noted.  I too am reducing the involvement of my business to serve the Lord still better ass full time devotee.

So, make up your life easy by working in a good & legal set up that does not acost your peace and health.

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