Is it sinful to remain single for ever?

Is it sinful to remain single for ever?

A woman devogtee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Sir I am 47 years old female.I decided to remain single after 2 affairs which didnt end up in good note. Because if i decide to marry i need to let my would be husband to know my past and i dont want to build a relation on false base or information. Is it a sin to stay single in life?


It is not a sin to remain single in life.

Only if we think or act to disturb/ spoil others in any manner, it is sinful.

See, everything is happening as per karma. As I have said many times in my posts, WE CAN POSTPONE OUR KARMIC REACTIONS TO THE NEXT BIRTH ONCE or TWICE.

For example, if you have the torture through wife and you find this out through the horoscope and hence you decide to avoid marriage,  you are postponing the reactions of marriage and torture to the next birth.


However, karma network will allow you to postpone to the next birth only once or twice.

If you postpone the marriage in this birth, you will be given the next birth in which you will face a situation that forces you to marry.

If you again avoid the marriage, the karma network gives you another birth with very severe situation of not allowing you to avoid marriage.  Fior example, You may be subjected to violations with a girl/ boy and You may be caught by the police and they themselves may conduct your with a girl/ boy whom you spoile/ cheated.

Thus, the karma can be postponed only once or twice and the karma network will force the marriage more and more severely in every birth.

Until you marry and face the tortures, the karma network will not leave you.

So, the scriptures’ advice is to go with the naturally accuring incidents in our life. Let us not try to forcibly postpone anything.

Try for marriage. If it happens, g ood.  If not, take it as your karma of NO MARRIAGE in this birth.

The karma will be postponed only if you willfully avoid marriage.

So, everyone should attempt to marry.  If happens, lead a good life with devotion.  If the marriage does not happen even after many attempts, just skip it.

If you decide to remain as  single, you should lead a life with devotion. Otherwise, your karma on marriage will be very severe in your next birth.

In case you seriously follow devotional practices and also develop a detached mind towards materials and develop genuine prema on Krishna, you will be given total excuse from all your past karma.

But, you should complete the difficult process of material detachment and spiritual attachment with Krishna.

This is the only way to escape from the karma by stopping all the reactions with this birth itself.

Material detachment and Spiritual attachment to Krishna may be easy to type and read.  But, it is a really difficult process, but, it is achievable for everyone if he has full faith on Krishna and efforts towards his goal.

But, being single is not sinful that I can write even hundreds of times.

Author: RAJAN

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