Scientific reasons to wear Saffron Colour dress by the renounced sanyasis?

Scientific reasons to wear Saffron Colour dress by the renounced sanyasis?

Abhishek Kushwaha asked like this:

“Why do brahmachari & sanyansi wear saffron coloured dress and not any other colour ?”


First, in your question, there should be a correction.

All the brahmacharis need not wear saffron colour dress. If they have an idea marry in future, they may wear white dress itself.  Only those brahmacharis who like to become direct sanyasis from brahmachaarya without entering into the grahastha ashrama can wear the saffron dress.

The choice of saffron colour is both scientific and astrological.


(1) Fire, that is recommended by vedas to worship has the saffron colour. It removes the darkness. So, symbolically, the saffron colour removes darkness, ie, ignorance by facilitating the aspirant to read and enlighten himself with the knowledge of God.

(2) Like the fire burns everything, the saffron dress gives an initiative for taking steps to burn all our desires by involving in the devotion to God.

(3) The sky is also saffron coloured in the morning time and evening time that are considered auspicious time to worship God. So, saffron is naturally connected with the spirituality.

(4) Saffron colour is the mix of three colours:  white, red and yellow.  White colour is that of sun that frees us from ignorance.  Red colour is that of Mars that clears our desires. And, the yellow colour is that of Jupiter that denotes Guru, ie, spiritual master.  Therefore, wearing saffron coloured dress helps in BURNING OUR DESIRES AND CLEARING OUR IGNORANCE WITH THE HELP OF GURU.


We know that every colour has a different wavelength. Therefore, every colour has different impacts on our minds when we focus on it.


We see a colour that falls on our retina. The retina transfers that to the brain as the electric signal.

Next, the optic nerve of the eye sends this electric signal to many areas of the brain. These different colours send different vibrations to the brain.

There are different chakras in our body that control different activities of the body and one among them is the Saffron chakra or sacred chakra.

This saffron chakra controls our health particularly the excretion of water from the body through the colon, bladder, kidney and urinary bladder and also reproductive system.

Wearing the saffron coloured dress activates this Saffron chakra that heals and keeps the body healthy.

Those who see the sanyasis wearing saffron dress are also healed and activated.

That is why, the darshan of sanyasis is considered as healing.

All happens because of the vibrations from their body and saffron coloured dress.

Interesting. Isn’t it?

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