To what level we can interact with the persons of opposite gender?

To what level we can interact with the persons of opposite gender?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“HK prabhuji, PAMHO, agtsp! I’m wearing kantimala n following 4 regulative principles n 16 rounds!

I am love with a girl but she isn’t devotee but she is very nice girl with whom I can lead my spiritual life. Now our parents do not know about our relations. So till what extent it is OK to be in touch with girl in time, chat/calls, roam, hug kiss. I don’t know much clearly about how to deal in such as I’m wearing kantimala so I’m bound by vows! Kindly guide!


Oh, you have asked even upto hugging and kissing the lover before marriage.

Sorry, I do not think that it is good to hug or kiss a girl who is not your wife yet.  At present, she is the daughter of another man and woman.

Therefore, as per the cultural decency and ethics, hugging and kissing is not allowed between girls and boys before marriage.

In fact, even loving a person before marriage for long time roaming here and there for years, itself is a waste of time and energy and it is not recommended.

Because, both of you will expose yourself to each other during this long period and hence there may be chances for the liquidation of the relations.  There may be chances for separation even before marriage.

Marriage is a thrilling experience for many. If they interact excessively before marriage, they will lose that fresh feeling when they get married.

Therefore, I do not support hugging/ kissing the loved ones before marriage. Even if she is your understanding friend or lover.

The human body is like fire.  If you touch a girl even with her consent, it will advance further and end in serious physical interaction.

You won’t know how it happened.  But, it may happen in many cases.

Every premarital relations start with just some formal touching.  Then, it grows further and ends in THAT.

There may be exceptions in which they know their limit without involving in deep physical affairs.  However, you will be contaminating that girl by touching or hugging or kissing her.

Remember, your and her parents have developed both of you till now giving all comforts and facilities.  They will be thinking that you will be studying or working sincerely without committing offenses. Fulfill their trust in you.  Do not have excessive interactions with that girl.

In case two persons feel that they love each other and if they are sure that their choice is correct, they should inform their parents at the earliest and get married.

In case both of them are studying and the marriage will take one or two years, then, both of them should be very restricted in contacts not to allow liquidation in relations or to avoid any violation.

If it is a decent love, both of them will wait till the marriage.  Both of them should discuss this aspect and wait till marriage in a decent manner.

Of course, it is difficult between lovers, but, since no relations in this world is permanent and may part at any time, it is always better not to cross lakshman rekha between opposite sex.

Hope you are clear.

Author: RAJAN

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