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(1) “Hare Krishna anna.  I wonder Krishna who preached bhagvat geeta marrying thousands of women. My friends always ask this question to me.  Please clear their doubt”

(2) Hare Krishna prabhu,  recently  I watched a movie on another religion and found that  messenger of God had married nearly 50 females.  Please clear my doubt by explaining why Krishna has  16,108 wives


First, do not restrict Krishna within a particular religion.  He is the PARAMATHMA and Supreme Personality of Godhead for entire creations.  So, all paths are within Him.  He does not belong to Hindus alone.  He is beyond religions.  Anyone can worship Krishna!  He attracts everyone irrespective of religions.

Now, let us take the matter of 16,108 wives of Krishna.  The problem for innocent people is:  They see every activity of Krishna with a material angle.  They see His activities based on their own life style.

First I like to remind this fact:  We are the conditioned souls.  So, we marry a person UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF OUR KARMA.  That means, ‘who should come as our wife/ husband’ is decided by our past karma. So, we are NOT independent. We can’t decide our future.  Though we love a girl or boy, our karma decides whether we can marry her/ him.  So, our options are limited.  That is why, we find it difficult to manage even a single wife or husband.

But, Krishna is Independent and He is not under the karma.  He is the Supreme Lord who created all the creations including all the girls.  So, all of us are the creations of Krishna.   Krishna does not marry girls for pleasure.  He Himself is the reservoir of pleasure.  He does not need pleasure from outside.  And, Krishna is 100% renounced that is one of His qualkities. So, it is very childish to think that Krishna married 16, 108 girls for pleasure.

Krishna can be approached by His devotees in different moods.  As a child, as a friend, as a guru, as a lover, etc.. Krishna accepts all the prayers of His devotees.  If you consider Krishna as your lover, He accepts that.

So, KRISHNA PERFORMS EVERY LILA TO SATISFY HIS DEVOTEES!  Similarly, Krishna married 16, 108 queens as they surrendered to Him and requested Him.  It is the causeless mercy of Krishna.

I feel that the writings of Srila Prabhupada, the founder Acharya of ISKCON movement, will be very useful for you to undnerstand this.


I have given some of his writings about this matter from Srimad Bhagavatham:


SB 1.10.29, Purport:

Rukmin.i- had ten sons, like Pradyumna. There were other queens also taken away by Lord Kr.s.n.a in a similar way. Full description of this beautiful booty of Lord Kr.s.n.a will be given in the Tenth Canto. There were 16,100 beautiful girls who were daughters of many kings and were forcibly stolen by Bhauma-sura, who kept them captive for his carnal desire. These girls prayed piteously to Lord Kr.s.n.a for their deliverance, and the merciful Lord, called by their fervent prayer, released them all by fighting and killing Bhauma-sura. All these captive princesses were then accepted by the Lord as His wives, although in the estimation of society they were all fallen girls. The all-powerful Lord Kr.s.n.a accepted the humble prayers of these girls and married them with the adoration of queens. So altogether Lord Kr.s.n.a had 16,108 queens at Dva-raka-, and in each of them He begot ten children. All these children grew up, and each had as many children as the father. The aggregate of the family numbered 10,000,000.


SB 1.10.25, Purport:

When He descends, He exhibits superhuman acts just to prove His supreme right, and materialists like Ra-van.a, Hiran.yakas’ipu and Kam.sa are sufficiently punished. He acts in a manner which no one can imitate. For example, the Lord, when He appeared as Ra-ma, bridged the Indian Ocean. When He appeared as Kr.s.n.a, from His very childhood He showed superhuman activities by killing Pu-tana-, Agha-sura, S’akat.a-sura, Ka-liya, etc., and then His maternal uncle Kam.sa. When He was at Dva-raka- He married 16,108 queens, and all of them were blessed with a sufficient number of children. The sum total of His personal family members amounted to about 100,000, popularly known as the Yadu-vam.s’a. And again, during His lifetime, He managed to vanquish them all. He is famous as the Govardhana-dha-ri- Hari because He lifted at the age of only seven the hill known as Govardhana. The Lord killed many undesirable kings in His time, and as a ks.atriya He fought chivalrously. He is famous as the asamaurdhva, unparalleled. No one is equal to or greater than Him.

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 SB 1.10.30, Purport:

The Lord used to live with His 16,108 wives constantly. He expanded Himself into 16,108 plenary portions, and each and every one of them was the Lord Himself without deviation from the Original Personality. The S’ruti-mantra affirms that the Lord can expand Himself into many. As husband of so many wives, He pleased them all with presentations, even at a costly endeavor. He brought the pa-rija-ta plant from heaven and implanted it at the palace of Satyabha-ma-, one of the principal queens. If, therefore, anyone desires the Lord to become one’s husband, the Lord fulfills such desires in full.

Lord Kr.s.n.a had 16,108 wives, and for each and every one of them there was a fully equipped palace complete with necessary compounds and gardens.


 SB 1.11.30, Purport:

Lord Kr.s.n.a had 16,108 wives, and for each and every one of them there was a fully equipped palace complete with necessary compounds and gardens. Full description of these palaces is given in the Tenth Canto. All the palaces were made of the best marble stone. They were illuminated by jewels and decorated by curtains and carpets of velvet and silk, nicely bedecked and embroidered with gold lace. The Personality of Godhead means one who is full with all power, all energy, all opulences, all beauties, all knowledge and all renunciation. Therefore, in the palaces of the Lord there was nothing wanting for fulfilling all desires of the Lord. The Lord is unlimited, and therefore His desires are also unlimited, and the supply is also unlimited. Everything being unlimited, it is concisely described here as sama-ka-mam, or full with all desirable equipment.

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SB 1.11.31, Purport:

As mentioned above, the Lord entered His home palaces occupied by 16,108 queens. This means that the Lord at once expanded Himself in as many plenary expansions as there were queens and palaces and entered in each and every one of them simultaneously and separately. Here is another manifestation of the feature of His internal potency. He can expand Himself in as many forms of spiritual identity as He desires, even though He is one without a second. It is confirmed by the S’ruti-mantra that the Absolute is one alone, and yet He becomes many as soon as He so desires. These manifold expansions of the Supreme Lord are manifested as plenary and separated portions. The separated portions are representations of His energy, and the plenary portions are manifestations of His Personality. Thus the Personality of Godhead manifested Himself in 16,108 plenary expansions and simultaneously entered into each and every one of the palaces of the queens. This is called vaibhava, or the transcendental potency of the Lord.


 SB 1.11.35, Purport:

The Lord married and lived like a householder. This is certainly like a mundane affair, but when we learn that He married 16,108 wives and lived with them separately in each and every palace, certainly it is not mundane. Therefore, the Lord, living as a householder amongst His competent wives, is never mundane, and His behavior with them is never to be understood as mundane sex relation. The women who became the wives of the Lord are certainly not ordinary women, because to get the Lord as one’s husband is the result of many, many millions of births’ tapasya (austerity). When the Lord appears on different lokas, or planets, or on this planet of human beings, He displays His transcendental pastimes just to attract the conditioned souls to become His eternal servitors, friends, parents and lovers respectively in the transcendental world, where the Lord eternally reciprocates such exchanges of service. Service is pervertedly represented in the material world and broken untimely, resulting in sad experience.



 SB 1.14.31, Purport:

As already mentioned, Lord Kr.s.n.a married 16,108 wives, and each of them had ten sons. Therefore 16,108 x 10 161,080 sons. They all grew up, and each of them had as many sons as their father, and the whole aggregate was something near 1,610,800 family members of the Lord. The Lord is the father of all living beings, who are countless in number; therefore only a few of them are called to associate with the Lord in His transcendental pastimes as the Lord of Dva-raka- on this earth. It is not astonishing that the Lord maintained a visible family consisting of so many members. It is better to refrain from comparing the Lord’s position to ours, and it becomes a simple truth as soon as we understand at least a partial calculation of the Lord’s transcendental position. King Yudhis.t.hira, while inquiring about the Lord’s sons and grandsons at Dva-raka-, mentioned only the chieftains amongst them, for it was impossible for him to remember all the names of the Lord’s family members.


Narada muni saw Sri Balramaji, Nandbaba, Devkimata, & everybody who attended Krishna’s marriage. He exclaims:

“It is wonderful indeed that one Krishna has simultaneously become different Krishnas in 16,108 palaces to accept 16,108 queens as His wives.” Narada Muni could see this when he came to Dwaraka to attend Krishna’s marriages.  was required for the marrige took 16,108 forms & were attending the marriage at one time, in different houses. 



I hope you are clear now.   Never consider Krishna like humans.  He is so merciful  He will give Himself if His loveful devotees ask Him.

So, see the marriage of Krishna with 16, 108 queens as His causeless mercy to the surrendered souls. And, do not associate with anyone who speaks ill of His pastimes.  Try to explain him once.  If they do not accept it, leave them to avoid offences.

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2 thoughts on “WHY KRISHNA MARRIED 16,108 GIRLS?”

  1. In VishnuPuran, When Krishna returned back to Vaikuntha, his 16 thousands wives were looted by looters who easily defeated Arjun even though Arjun tried his best to protect them. Then Arjun went to KrishnaDwaipayan vyass muni. Arjun was in grief. KrishnaDwaipayan vyaas told Arjun this story, Long long ago, Apsaras started to praise Rishi Ashtavakra. Rishi Ashtavakra was in water, his head was outside of water level that time. He asked Apsaras for boon. Apasaras said they want Shri Vishnu as their husband. So Ashtavakra Rishi said, “Tathasthu! When MahaVishnu will incarnate as son of Vasudev, he will marry u.”
    When Ashtavakra rishi came out of water, Apsars couldn’t control laughing after seeing 8 bends on body of Ashtavakra Rishi. So Ashtavakra Rishi cursed those Apsaras that Vishnu will marry them but they will be looted later. These 16 thousands apsaras were the same princesses who were kidnapped by Narakasura (Bhaumasura).

    It is also stated in VishnuPuran that Lord Krishna used to expand himself in 16,108 forms & he used to live with each & every wife at the same time by providing well facilitated palace to each & every wife.

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