Why should Krishna make us suffer giving freedom since He is controlling us?

Why should Krishna make us suffer giving freedom since He is controlling us?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji, In Gita Krishna said to Arjuna that everything is in his control. He has already kill all the people involved in Mahabharata war. If Arjun doesn’t kill them then He will. Nothing happens without His permission. If Krishna is controlling everything, if Krishna has already planned everything for us, we are acting like a puppet in His hands then why do we suffer, when our karma is already decided by Krishna. Is it that at very minute level He has given us freedom to choose and on bigger level He is controlling? Please clear this confusion Prabhuji. Hide my name.


It is a custom in India and even outside India that the children are under the control of parents.

The parents control us till we attain a certain age and then leave us free. After giving freedom, they are periodically advising/ guiding us. They do not come with us like a policeman wherever we go. They let us free. Whenever we face any problems because of misusing our freedom, we approach our parents for help and they involve.

The government has ensured freedom of expression and act to all its citizens. However, they have employed police men all over the country. Whenever we face any security threats or problems, we approach the government’s aid through the police. They involve and help us to solve the problems.

Same is the administration of Krishna too.

Krishna has created karma network as His justice department. This karma network does not interfere in any of our activities. It just records what we do using this body and mind like the security cameras record the traffic violators on road. Until you are driving following the rules, the traffic police do not disturb us. Violations are addressed and rectified by fining for our violations.

Similarly, Krishna’s karma network has given us this human body as a gift for our actions of previous births. There are rules of dharma. Krishna has sent and engaged innumerable devotees to guide the people to lead a regulated life on earth. Every person knows that there are certain rules to lead our life on earth and they can’t live like animals.

If we lead our life helping others and without disturbing others, we lead a peaceful life here. If we violate the dharma, we face the reactions for all our actions. That’s all.

Krishna does not control us. Do the courts or the Judges of Supreme Court watch all your activities and restrict you? No. They just deliver the justice whenever the cases of violations come to them.

Same happens with Krishna’s Karma Network also. Krishna Himself has spoken some rules about how to lead a human life through His Bhagavad Gita. He has also engaged many devotees to preach the people. Even after hearing all these guidance by many, if we violate the rules of dharma, we are given reactions. That’s all.

We do not act as per the direction of Krishna. We decide what to do using our freedom. Whatever we think, Krishna helps us to fulfill it. In Krishna’s set up, whatever we think and plan is helped by the nature. If we like to help the people through preaching, Krishna sends the people to hear and get reformed. If we like to loot a house, Krishna’s material nature makes a house visible to us. This is not directly done by Krishna. His material nature does everything.

What we think, we become so. This is the system of the material nature.

Krishna has provided all the facilities in His material nature to either upgrade or downgrade ourselves. What to choose is the freedom given to us. If we choose one, Krishna has given all the facilities to implement them.

This is the beautiful system of the administration of Krishna.

So, the cause for all our miseries or blessings is ourselves only, not Krishna. Krishna has just given facilities to us to either upgrade or downgrade ourselves.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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