Can demigods enter the human bodies and speak through them?

Can demigods enter the human bodies and speak through them?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji, Presently my family is going through a difficult situation. And my mother & few other members think that it is due someone’s “nazar” or curse. So my mother called a lady who said that the land of home in which we are residing is not good & also some demigod is displeased with us. So she did some puja to remove curse & everyone believes that “Kaali maa” enters in her body to reveal the truth. Similarly there is also person in our family who says “Narsimha God” enters into his body. He becomes very high in energy & dance like crazy & forecast future. In our village puja also, people says that demigods & God enter someone’s body & forecast future & tells if they are pleased with puja or not. My question is does God/demigods really enters the body of human being? I feel it can be soul of our ancestors as God is so pure & high in energy, our body cannot handle it. Even Arjun got “Divya drishti” from Krishna to get His darshan. And Prabhupada says that God is not so cheap that we can see Him or get Him so easily. Please clear this concept of Devi/Devta entering our bodies to talk to us. Please hide my name.


It happens rarely but all cases of such aggressive acts of others is not true.

Ghosts also do like that. Only about a fraction of the numbers of ghosts who are aggressive in nature tries to enter into others’ bodies and a few succeed in that.

Similarly, a very few demigods can also enter into the bodies of humans and speak through them. But, the standard of that demigod will not be higher.

For example, some village gods are the archa avatars of some demigods. Their activities differ from the source demigod.

In Tamil Nadu, there are many so called village devathas namely Ayyanar, Muniyandi, Muni, Veeran, etc. They are believed to be the archa avatars of some demigods.

These village demigods even hold a long knife with them and have long and curved mustache that is frightening to even see them.

These demigods may be just stones when they build those temples, but acquire some strength when they perform repeated pujas for the deity.

Even among all the temples of the Vishnu or Shiva or any other deity, a temple is considered to be powerful if it is ancient and got performed pujas for a long period. A deity acquires more power if the pujas are performed for it for long period.

Thus, even a stone becomes a deity when pujas are performed properly for long period.

Even in the Vaishnava tradition, we consider Govardhana hill and Salagrama as the forms of Krishna.

Thus, all deities must have some powers if the pujas are performed regularly for long period.

That is why we feel spiritual vibrations when we enter into the temples where the pujas are performed properly for long period.

Among all these deities, some village deities follow some extraordinary procedures by hearing and helping the local public in that village. Their area of activity is limited. They do not interfere in the jurisdiction of other villages that have some other deity for them.

Thus, these village devathas act as the protector of a particular village or a small group of villages.

These devathas are believed to be caring the families of the villages.

That is why, these devathas who are actually souls with some extra power enter in to the bodies of some selected persons and speak.

Such entry of a ghost or a devatha requires emotion dominated persons who have too much of expectations in their life and dominated with rajo and thamo gunas.

The powers of these devathas are very limited. So, they can not enter into the bodies of those who are strong against emotions and who are situated in satva guna. In short, they can not enter into the bodies of the persons who have pure consciousness or the consciousness filled with the vibrations of more powerful deity like Krishna.

Krishna is the most powerful person in entire creations. No demigods can attack a person filled with the consciousness of Krishna. They will just neglect that person fearing to face the strength of the vibrations of the most powerful Krishna.

All the demigods will not follow the practice of entering into the bodies of humans. All the demigods are not violent and aggressive. Only a few of those village gods that are very aggressive in nature do such act of entering into the bodies and speak through the mouth of that person.

Usually, they enter into the bodies of the pujaris of that village god or any woman because usually, the women are more emotional in nature. That is why, even during a death in a family, the women cry openly and the men cry silently or remain unaffected much.

For example, when my mother died, I did not shed even a single drop of tears because I had Krishna as my prime deity and He had made my heart bearable to any kind of loss because of regular chanting and worshiping of Krishna. Therefore, no devatha or ghost can enter in to my body.

In a nutshell, if anyone is more affected by grief or joy, he is emotional in nature. Ghosts or village gods select the weakest among such emotional people and perform their tasks.

But, seeing the huge respect given for those who says that a devatha has entered in to his/ her bodies, many people have started to ACT as if a devatha has entered into their bodies.

Thus, majority of such ENTERING incidents are bogus now a days. Only a very few cases may be genuine.

In your case, that person said that Kali devi entered into the body and spoke. If he is a genuine person, it may be true.  But, there are chances that he/ she might have told lies.

Anyway, as a safeguard, if your family members start to chant Hare Krishna maha Manthra or Gayathri manthra after Brahmana initiation, they will be relieved from all the disturbances of small devathas or aggressive ghosts.

This is the ONLY SOLUTION for this problem. No other way to protect ourselves from the negative acts from some negative forces.

Hope this has cleared your doubt.


This is 100% security (Kavacha) for all of us.

Author: RAJAN

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