Why the twins with same horoscope have different fortunes?

Why the twins with same horoscope have different fortunes?

A devotee asked like this:

“2 people born at a same time having same position of stars but they both face different situations in life. One gets everything like health , name , wealth etc but other one is poor. Isn;t Karma more important than devotional services ? If god is our parent why he make us suffer ? It looks like only and only karma is something we should take care of ?? Please explain .  Hari Bol”


If two children take birth at the same time, they should have same karma.  Then, Why the twins with same horoscope have different fortunes?

Horoscope is just the expression of our karma. Horoscope astrology is true.

Actually, every second makes changes in a horoscope.  The planets are running very fast, ie, hundreds of miles every second.

On earth, the time of the outcome of the head from the body of the mother can not be exactly calculated.  There may be a difference of a few seconds and the clock too may be different in every hospital.

Therefore, we can not collect two horoscopes that belong to the two persons who took birth exactly at the same time.  Since the senses are imperfect on earth, we can not make exact calculations.

If two persons are taking birth EXACTLY at the same second of time, then, they will have similar life.  This does not mean, both of them will become the presidents of the country.  Both of them will be like the leaders in their respective fields. One may be the president of a country and the another may be the president of a company.  The point is that both of them will be the leaders.  That’s all.

Two persons who take birth at the same time accurately, both of them will have same level of intelligence, emotions and knowledge.

But, the future of both the children is determined where both the children live.

Let two such children live in different places. There is a king who got twins at the same time with 7-10 minutes difference.  The king lost a child somewhere in a river.

That child was taken by a beggar and that child lives in the house of that beggar.

Another child lives in the palace.

Both of their horoscopes say that they will be the leaders in future.  The astrologers add spicy words and say “This child will become a leader in future”

That means, that child will become the king in future.

Then, the child living with that beggar too should become a king. Isn’t it?

It is not so.

For the child in the palace, becoming a leader means,becoming the next king.

For the child in the house of beggar, becoming a leader means being an influential beggar among the beggars in that area and all the beggars will show much respects to him and treat him like their boss. If they form a “beggars’ association” that person will become the leader of that beggars’ association.

If the second of the twins works as a teacher, he will become a principal very soon.

If he works in a company, he will get promoted  fast and become the M.D  of company.

Thus, both the children are leaders in the circumstances they live.

You can not take two horoscopes of two persons who EXACTLY  TOOK BIRTH AT THE SAME TIME.  This is the basic fact to be kept in our mind.

Though you take different children taking birth at the same time, they will attain similar positions in the fields they choose.

Hope you are clear about why the twins with same horoscope have different fortunes.

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Author: RAJAN

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