I feel sleepy after chanting in Brahma Muhurtha time. What to do?

I feel sleepy after chanting in Brahma Muhurtha time. What to do?

A girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Prabuji Hare krishna Ji. Please hide my name. I have one question that i daily do brahma muharat jaap by the blessing of kanha ji but the issue is that i can’t able to concentrate on material daily life like Job. As i sleep late after 5.45am or may be 6am but can’t able to get up. I m very much loved to do brahma muharat jaap and kirtan by alone itself..please kindly help me how do i balance material lyf schedule as i don’t care but need to take care still i am alive. Can’t able to focus on career.. I hope you answer my queries Thank you.. Hari Bol”


You are following a wrong practice it seems.

You wake up at Brahma Muhurtha Time. Fine.

But, why do you sleep again at 6 am after chanting a certain rounds?

This seems to be a peculiar practice.

The purpose of getting up in the brahma muhurtha time is to stay active throughout the day.

Because, you save atleast 2 hours every day.

At the same time, if you go to sleep again at 6 am, you will again sleepy after waking up. You can’t manage your college / office schedules if you go to sleep at 6 am again.

The actual advice is that you should wake up at around 4 am and chant as much as possible after cleaning your teeth and face.

Thereafter you should not go for sleep. You should do other works that have to be done in the morning. You can cook and offer food to Krishna. You can offer a simple worship after bath. You can read your college lessons or do any official work.

Then, you should go to work.

You may take some 20-30 minutes short sleep in the afternoon after lunch, but, that too is not necessary. Because, if you sleep even a few minutes in the afternoon, you can’t get early sleep in the night time.

I never sleep in the afternoon. So, I get good sleep in the night time.

If you feel sleepy after chanting in brahma muhurtha time, that shows that you go to bed very late in night.  If you wake up at 4 am, you should go to bed atleast at 10 am and you need atleast 6 hours of sleep at night to stay alert throughout the day.

Therefore, if you are waking up at 4 am, please go to bed in the night time at 10 am.  Otherwise, you will feel sleepy throughout the day.

So, you are following a wrong practice of chanting process.  In future, it may even make you to hate the chanting process itself.

Correct the schedule now itself and manage your chanting in brahma muhurtha time.

You need to correct three things:

(i) Go to bed at 10pm.

(ii) Wake up at 4am, refresh and chant.

(iii) Do not sleep again in the morning. Do other works.

This will solve your issue.

Hope this helps.

Author: RAJAN

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  1. Hare krishna prabhu ji dandvat pranam.
    My question is i am not abailable to quite tea what should i do. {Hide this information my job is MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE IN pharamaceutical company some time i make plan to quite tea but after join my feild work3-4 hours i need tea and my mind stop working so i take tea and after some time againe my mine say takd tea so in daily i take 5-6cup of tea.

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