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“Is Daan important in kalyuga,I am confused that whom to give daan in Krishna iskon temples or poor people or trusts which will be properly used by them to needed ones and which krishna will be happy and I will satisfy by this ,what to do??? I am following urs yagnas not all 5 yagnas ,but serving gau mata,crows, dogs & sharing urs site too”


Dhaan is important in every yuga.  More you HELP others, more you will be given. THIS IS THE KARMA BASED POPULAR RULE. When you give for others, your negative karma comes down that increases your position in life in future.

Yes, as felt by you, we should know the rules of dhaan (donating), ie, how to choose the benefiary before donating to anyone because in this kaliyuga, wherever you go, there are cheating, pretentions, immoralities, etc.

Once upon a time, the people had the fear about the karmic reactions and the punishments for cheating the public.  Now, cheating itself has become a business.

Krishna Himself has given clear advice in Garuda Purana about giving dhaan.

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He says: “Give dhaan only to qualified and needy persons and brahmanas that will give you good status after death. If you give dhaan to a wrong person/ wrong brahmana, you get the sin of encouraging a wrong person”


There is a secret.

A good brahmana or vaishnava means he should sincerely involve in the service to the vedic scriptures and Krishna following the discipline expected from him.

If he is not serving the Vedic scriptures or Krishna seriously, we should not donate just because he is a vaishnava or brahmana.

Even among those serving brahmanas or vaishnavas, we should ensure that they are using our funds for serving others, not to increase his own status and wealth more than his needs.

A genuine brahmana or vaishnava can beg to others and get donations.  It is allowed by the scriptures and it is their assigned duty also. By donating to them, the donor’s karma is reduced and the receiver acquires a part of karma of the donor.

So, The brahmana or vaishnava should be capable of bearing or clearing the karma received from others.


To become capable of bearing the karma from others, he should increase his spiritual power every day.  In other words, he should chant as much as possible, be humble, does not involve in sense gratifying activities, and serve the Lord sincerely with real interest.

Only such brahmana or vaishnava can accept donations.

How should a brahmana or vaishnava or others use the donations? Are there any rules of dhaan (donating)?

This too should be reviewed.

The received donations can be used both for the service of Vedic scriptures/ Krishna/ devotees and for the basic needs of the servant himself.

Because, to serve properly, the servant too should live without much difficulty. So, it is allowed to use the donations for the basic essential needs of the receiver.

So, the brahmana or vaishnava can use the received donations for the following purposes only:

(i) Serving Vedic scriptures/ Krishna/ devotees;

(ii) For his own basic living with the essentials such as a single small house for a dignified living, single spouse, children, food, clothes, basic essential instruments that help in his service and for commution.

(iii) For helping other genuine brahmanas or vaishnavas or temples.

(iv) For expanding his service to the Vedic scriptures/ Krishna/ devotees only with the essential set up. The funds should not be used for unwanted buildings/ establishments/wastage of foods/ things. The money should not be spent lavishly, but every single piece of donation should be calculated and spent.

(v) Indian scriptures have declared that a sanyasi or vaishnava sanyasi should not administer any spiritual organizations in his name. He should have simple mutts and his disciples should manage that mutt. The guru/ sanyasi should stop with giving preaching alone.

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(vi) Unless necessary for preaching, the donations should not be used for buying more and more properties in the name of the receiver (brahmana/ vaishnava).

(vii) The donations should not be used for prohibited activities such as gambling, intoxication, illicit relations, meat eating, etc. However, it can be used for genuine expenses related to the service and the servant.  If the funds are used for prohibited activities, the servant/ receiver acquires severe sin of cheating innocent donors.

(viii) The received donations should not be re-donated to the activities that do not spiritually elevate others. For example, a recipient of donations should not re-donate to a club that promotes recreation.  If the donation is received for Krishna’s service, it can be donated to another genuine servant of Krishna or a forum serving Krishna who genuinely need support. It is not the business of the devotee to do social service. His social service is enlightening the people towards higher goals like purification and God. If he helps anyone in his day to day life, he should do without expecting benefits. The point is that the collected donation should be used only for the service and the servant.

(ix) The receiver should lead as simple life as possible having only the essentials for his service. He can use any material if it is necessary for his service.

(x) The cash or kind should be accepted through legal means and one should avoid accepting biksha/ donation from a person doing criminal activities. Because, the negative sinful karma of the donor is shared with the receiver. If the receiver is not spiritually stronger than the strength of the sinner, his health will be severely affected. So, accept donations from kind hearted persons who truly like to donate as a service, not for any other motive.

That is why, the vedic period gurus accepted only selected disciples after thoroughly verifying their eligibility. They first allow the students in their mutts for a certain period giving some services and only if they are satisfied with their eligibility, they gave diksha to that student.  If they give diksha to anyone who approach them, even serious sinners will accept diksha that will severely affect the health of the guru.

That is why, Krishna Himself said in Bhagavad Gita that His messages should be preached ONLY TO THE INTERESTED PERSONS, NOT TO THE JEALOUS PEOPLE.

Thus, as per the rules of dhaan (donating), donations, diksha, preaching, etc should be given only for qualified persons.

I was serving through online for 8 years without accepting any support from others. But, when my business revenue was severely affected because of concentrating in this service all the time, I was pushed to decide whether to continue the service with the same pattern or to focus on business and serve the devotees here only on Sundays.  Since, I doubted whether I will get time even on Sundays, and my preference has always been towards serving Krishna and His devotees, I chose this service and I myself is letting my material business go down because it needs atleast 10 hours sincere work everyday.

So, to meet the expenses of service and my own basic living, I started to accept the support from willing devotees without compelling or forcing anyone. I also started horoscope service that was indicated in my own horoscope because it is a profession allotted for brahmanas. This will ensure my full concentration in this service without bothering about my material business.  As said above, I am leading a very simple life with only basic needs and I have not even bought any house or car so far and am travelling in public transports.  So, every rupee I receive goes only for the essential expenses, not for luxurious wastes.

That is why, many devotees have written that after supporting this service, they feel improvement in their dedication to Krishna. Because, their negative karma will come down that will increase their spiritual involvement.

You can support suffering temples that has no sufficient income. You can support the devotees who are leading a simple way of life and serving the Lord sincerely. You can support simple vedic brahmanas. You can support the visually and mentally challenged persons without expectations. You can help deserted old persons without expectations. Avoid beggars who are young and healthy.


Because, the rule for the receiver of donation is that he should do something to the society/ people and then receive donations to manage those services. These healthy beggars do nothing to the society, but accept biksha. So, support only the needy persons.

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Thus, you can donate to genuine causes if you are convinced that the promoter is genuine. This can be judged from his activities and continuous performance.  A cheater can not cheat for many years. He will be exposed one day. So, try your best reviewing the rules of dhaan (donating) to identify genuine causes and then support.  If the receiver misuses your trust you put in him, he will be adding severe sins.

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How much to donate?

It depends on your background and the pressures of the life. The scriptures have fixed big share of earnings, but, my advice is that be generous and keep the majority of earning for you and your family needs and do not make yourself suffer because of supporting others.  Though you spend small percentage from your earnings, do that with smiling face, with satisfaction and as a duty to protect the dharma.  Because, these servants are the cause for the peace in the society.  Since they are serving the society, they can not manage themselves properly. That is why, the personal life of most of the public servants go miserable. They spoil their own life for serving others. So, it is our duty to support them that will make them concentrate in their public service like serving the devotees without the burden of earning for their own maintenance and for serving others.

That is why, Krishna, while describing about the rules of dhaan (donating) said in Garuda Purana to be generous in donating for genuine brahmanas.  That means, we should not be misers while supporting genuine causes.  Take care of your needs and also support genuine causes to little extent.

Hope this helps you.

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Author: RAJAN

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