What if a devotee is unable to maintain Vaishnava outlook in job?

What if a devotee is unable to maintain Vaishnava outlook in job?

Actual Question from a male devotee (Name hidden):

hare krishna, in material life every one is helpless to do private job as per the instruction of Boss and his immediate subordinate whether we like their order or not. In doing so, we feel depressed. How to get rid of that? In my case, I am a Company Secretary of a listed company and responsible for arranging board meeting at the end of every quarter. While attending the meeting Coat is required to be wore if i don’t wear the Chairman say why you don’t wear coat? I have coat but don’t wear on that. As there is principle of keeping the minimum things for living the life how I can make myself justify towards Krishna Consciousness.  As you must take it granted if in next meeting I don’t follow his instruction he may order for my removal from the job. Please advise. Thanks


I request our devotees not to confuse the simplicity in personal life and necessary clothing suitable for career. If a devotee is unable to maintain Vaishnava outlook in job, there is no need to worry.

We follow certain codes of conduct and devotional practices (briefly, Vaidhi Bhakti) to change our bhava (mindset) to be suitable to get the mercy of Krishna. They just change our mindset conductive to the devotional practices. These dress codes are nothing to do with the devotion.

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A wife follows dressing and approach to be in the good book of her husband.

A disciple follows certain humble approach to be in the good book of his spiritual master.

Similarly, we should follow a suitable dress and disciplinary codes in our work spot to be in the good book of the higher authorities.

Only condition is that we should not look or act indecently to be in good book of indecent higher authorities.

An employee in sales department is asked to wear a tie around his neck to give a good image for his product.  Why should we refuse to wear?

If a security/ police personnel refuses to wear the recommended uniform during his job, he will be sent out.

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In schools uniform dress codes are followed to give the a feel of equality in the minds of  all the children – rich or poor. No student should feel for his inability to wear costly dress. Hence, all the students are expected to wear uniform If a student refuses to wear uniforms in school, he/ she will be terminated.

If you take the devotional practices, a disciple wears a dress as advised by his spiritual master.

You can go to the temples in Vaishnava appearance, and wear a pant and shirt or any cloth type recommended by your employer during the work. Since temples need a devotional and vedic atmosphere, we wear devotee dress.  That’s all. If a devotee is unable to maintain Vaishnava outlook in job, he can wear clothes suitable to perform that job.

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While cleaning the drainage in your house, what will you wear? An old or waste cloth that is not used to wear while going out.

While visiting the hospital to see a patient or to attend the death in a house, will you wear rich clothes and make ups?

Will a girl buy a plain white or plain black saree for her marriage?

Thus our dress changes our moods. If you go to the temple with coat and suit, you may not get a devotional and humble mindset.

So, you can wear devotee dress while going to the temples. You can also wear them while being at home. Whenever you have to go out decide which cloth to wear according to the place you go.

The real simplicity is being that we should not wear something in a motive to to attract others.  That’s all.

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Thus, dress codes are everywhere. We have to follow them as recommended in different places until there is no indecency.

In your case, they have reminded the rules of their company to you.

As a company secretary, you are in a key position.  Every company secretary is required to wear a coat above the usual dress during the Board Meetings that may give a professional atmosphere.

This is an important dress code for secretaries.

You are not going to violate any  vaishnava codes by wearing this coat  during your meetings.

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Wearing coat is not an indecent thing.  Even Srila Prabhupada, the founder Acharya of ISKCON  wore it in winter or in cold seasons.  Many gurus in cold places are also wearing it.

They are not wearing that for attraction, but just to protect their body and health from the cold climate.  There is a purpose.

Similarly, you too can wear coats during board meetings and do not hesitate to do that.

Do not lose your job just for these silly reasons.

Again I remind all:  Only addiction and attachment is wrong. Using something if it is unavoidable and / or recommended for a place, you can wear and it is not the attachment.

So, if a devotee is unable to maintain Vaishnava outlook in job, no need to worry. Be simple all the other times.  But, do as your employer instructs a professional outlook during work hours.

All the best.

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Author: RAJAN

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