It is wrong going to temples without bathing and wearing unwashed dress?

It is wrong going to temples without bathing and wearing unwashed dress?

“Hare Krishna… Prabhu…Many time I go to temple with unwashed dress cz I m at another city where I m studying n doing my articles ship so I HV use one set of dress for 3 days….Is I m not good devotee cz of only I m going to temples without bathing AND with unwashed cloths(not with dirty cloths)…Pls clear My doubt Anna…Hare Krishna….”


This shows your laziness.  Lord does not want us to wear rich or new dress materials.  He just expects us to follow simplicity.

However, when you go to temples, it is better for you to go with clean body, clean mind, pure heart and clean dress. Going to temples without bathing SHOWS OUR LAZINESS!

Our every activity should show that we care and respect Krishna. This cleanliness is also for that purpose only.

Since Krishna is 100% renounced, He is the purest person.  He has no impurities and in fact, no impurity can go near Krishna.

When we like to go back to such purest personality of Godhead, we too must be pure both mentally and physically as much as possible.

This body is going to mix with the soil only.  Then, why physical cleanliness?

Because, when we remain physically clean, it makes our body and mind more active and receptive and hence we will get more interest in devotional practices.

For example, if you chant with an unclean body and dress, you won’t feel fresh and hence the chanting may not be sharp and effective.  If you chant after bathing (for clean body) and before the sun rise (for clear mind), you can feel the effectiveness of chanting.


That is why, I emphasize both mental and physical cleanliness in my writings.

In your case, you say that you have just two sets of dress and hence you go to temple without washing them.

This is a bad habit.  Wearing dress without washing is not good.  If you wear a dress for even one hour and change to casual dress, next day you should wash the previously worn dress and then wear again.

If you had worn it just for an hour or two, you may just soak and rinse the dress in water for a few times, dry it and then wear.  No expenses.  If you wear for many hours, wash it with soap or washing powder.

What is the problem for you to soak your dress daily in water or wash it and dry it?  It will take just 5-6 hours to get dried.

So, either wash it after long hours of use or soak in water after short term use, and then go to temples with clean dress.

No expenses for you to do this.  If you go with unwashed or unsoaked dress, it may cause bad odour that can not be felt by you, but, only by others.

And, when you go to the temple after bathing only – atleast pouring some mugs of water on your body.

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If the devotee is very old or if you visit a temple after a long travel, you can visit with the clothes you are wearing. But, you should have bathed while starting your travel.  In such cases, take a few drops of water and spray on your head and then go.  If your body seems to have bad odour, take bath in a public bath room or hotel room and then go to the temple.

For your information, I too have just three sets of dress at a time.  I always wash the dress worn today and then use it again.

Believe me, I have never gone out with an unwashed dress or without bathing to the temples though they are old dress.  Even when I am at home, I wear clean dress only.  If I wear a dress today even for a few hours, I wash it before using it again.

So, being simple is highly welcome, but, not being unclean.

Simplicity does not mean saving the cost of soap and time.  Simplicity means being unattached in wearing variety of dresses.  That’s all.

So, go to the temples after cleaning your body and keeping your mind focused on the God and resolving that you should not involve in sinful acts willingly in future.  This is the right mindset of going to the temples!

Keep this in mind.

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