Why double punishments in hells and in the next birth for sinners?

Why double punishments in hells and in the next birth for sinners?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare krishna, prabhu….dandabat pranam…thanks for all of your wonderful counsellings. Wish more to know from you.all good , bad things are due to karma reaction. After death person go to hell for his sinful works. When he or she has already gone to hell then why he has to go through this karma reaction..he have to suffer griefs…but already he has suffered for this in hell. …pls prabhu explain it…”


Both the punishments must be realized by that person.  It is not to be viewed as double punishments but two parts of punishments.

Part of the punishment is given in hells and he has to face the remaining in any one of the material planets.

This is like material criminal proceedings.

A person who involves in a crime is first given police custody in which he is kept in the lock up in the police station.  There he may be tortured by the police to bring out the truth.

After that, he is produced in the court.  The judge gives  the judgement with an imprisonment for certain period.

Thus, this is the continuity of the punishment.

After completing that punishment, he is punished by his family and friends because they will not behave with him like before.  He loses the image.

The people who believed him before even for lakhs of rupees will hereafter hesitate to give even Rs.1000 loan to him.

So, after taking rebirth from the jail, he has to feel the heat of that crime.  And,  he will always be in the watch-list of the police.

Similarly,  we are given hellish conditions for our severe crimes and  then given another birth to continue the sufferings similar to the sufferings he caused in his previous birth to others.

This is like the policemen beating the criminals before sending to jail in ‘lock up’ in the police station.  A portion of the punishment is given in hells and then he is sent to material planets to face more pains and pleasures that again leads to pains.

Garuda Purana states that the person who has the track  record of serious offences will have to take any one birth among  thousands of animals and after a long  process, he has to take human birth again.

Thus, in some severe cases, even the next human birth is not given and he is made as animals or other living beings.  Losing the human birth is the greatest punishment for his serious sins.

If a person tortures his wife leading to her suicide, he can not be given the SIMILAR torture in jails.  They can keep him away from the society.  That’s all.  This is just to reform him from sinning further after getting released.  In the jails, the person will think of his sinful acts and may decide to be a good person in future. This may avoid his further sinning after release.

Similarly, if a person has stolen the properties of others, his properties can not be stolen in the hells since he will be alone without properties.  He is just given a severe token punishment in hells.  Then, he is given the next birth and is given the situation in which his properties are stolen by others.

Thus, to get the similar punishments, hellish term will not be sufficient.  It is just to give him some time to review his sins and reform himself to be good in the next birth.

So, it is good for us not to involve in any sinful acts, but always chant the Holy Name of Lord that will purify us from all our previous karma. No other way for that.

Hope you are clear.

Author: RAJAN

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4 thoughts on “Why double punishments in hells and in the next birth for sinners?”

  1. Hare Krishna prabhu,
    Kindly clarify my point.
    Every sinner is partly punished in hell and remaining part is experienced in material world. But even after that he/she is forgetful of all this and is continuing the same sinful acts, then how can such a person realise all this and where is the chance to change?

    1. He will continue to do some sinful acts forced by the vasana (impact) of his hebwillprevious births. But, his bad deeds will gradually come down birth after birth and he will become a pure devptee in a particular birth. If the devotee decides seriously to reform himself, he can reform within a single birth. It depends on his free will and how sincerely he wishes to get reformed.

  2. Koti koti pranam prabhuji….sir your counselling helps all of us, you explain every situation or problem in such a good way, a big thank u sir.Sir by asking this question my heart really cries, what is happening in this world, I know this is Kalyuga but,small small girls have been raped,now the latest news about kathuva gang rape, sir what was the fault of that girl, she has gone through such a bad suffering, sir plzz clear are the victims were suffering from bad sins of previous birth,or it was written in her destiny.Could our Krishna stop this, I am very disturbed bcoz I am also having a girl, plzzzzzzz guide all of us how could Krishna protect our girls, because we as a parents could not be with them long life, but krishna is omnipresent. Plzzz reply fast sir.Plzz ignore my mistakes sir and forgive.Thank u sir wating for reply.(don’t display my name)

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