What is the real happiness in one’s life?

What is the real happiness in one’s life?


Namaste sir, I have a question. What is real happiness? Can you please explain in detail. Thanks in advance.


Many think that the happiness lies in fulfilling the needs of our senses.

They try to satisfy their eyes by buying attractive materials like television sets, seeing beautiful boys/ girls, etc.

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They try to satisfy their ears by hearing cine songs using the latest technology like stereo speakers, home theaters, ear phones, etc.

They try to satisfy their nose by smelling the flowers fixed into the hairs of women, or by enjoying the aroma of coffee, onion, garlic, etc.

They try to satisfy their tongue by eating variety of fast foods prepared with spices, onion, garlic, etc and discussing about and praising the popular heroes or heroines of movies.

They try to satisfy their skin by enjoying the touch of opposite sex.

This is what they are thinking the happiness in their life!!

They do not realize that every material and material relation bind him with the material world and its affairs giving repeated birth and death.  Even after achieving all the above mentioned material things and relations, they feel some kind of insufficiency.

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Moreover, even after achieving so many materials and relations, they find that the problems still continue in their life.

They also find that some problems are unable to be solved even by spending all their money.

A rich person known to me spent his whole life by adding all the comforts and he was enjoying all of them within his big home with high compound walls and gates that prevented seeing what happens inside.

Though they had all the comforts and plenty of properties, they had no child.

When he was working day and night for adding more and more money, his wife was feeling loneliness and she could not spend her whole day just by watching 80 inches screen in their television that resembled a theater screen.


She became frustrated with the comforts and the busy schedule of her husband.  After sending him for his business at 8 AM, she could see her husband again only after 10 pm every day.

But, their car driver was always remaining in their home. This frustration developed the relation between his wife and that car driver.

When the husband was away for 14 hours every day, they developed Illicit relations.

One day, when that husband felt some chest inconvenience, he came back to his home in the afternoon itself and found his car driver inside his bed room.

Seeing that, he suddenly faced a heart attack and died.

Now, the wife is enjoying all the comforts and is keeping that car driver as her permanent companion in that big house itself.

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Now, that driver is enjoying all the comforts.

Now, tell me, what could that rich man do with his crores of money?

Had he spent his time with his wife, he could have lived a normal life.

Now, let us come to the point of real happiness.

That man was satisfying his senses and body. That is why, he could not fully satisfy either himself or his wife.

Had they spent time in satisfying the soul/ athma, they could have tasted the real happiness.

Since we are actually the souls, and this body is just a temporary carrier,  our real position is being the soul, not the body.

Therefore, we should satisfy the soul / athma only.

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Athma, ie, we are the tiny parts of the Paramathma Krishna.

Therefore, the athma’s REAL ORIENTATION is towards Paramathma Krishna.

Because, only Krishna is the source of athma.

We know every person has natural attachment with his/ her mother because she is the body from where he/ she came. Most of the persons love their mother because he/ she has been the part and parcel of mother for ten months that gives a natural affinity.

Similarly, every soul was the part and parcel of Krishna.  Therefore, the soul will be really happy when it connects with Krishna.

Since we are already connected with Krishna, we are already Krishna Conscious. Since we have seriously involved in the sense gratification getting induced by maya, our Krishna Consciousness is in a dormant state like a lamp is hidden by the smoke on the glass..

By following the recommended practices like chanting Lord’s names, worshiping and serving Krishna, we can remove the contamination, ie,  screen and enjoy our real happiness and bliss as felt by the athma/ soul.

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You must perform these devotional practices sincerely with abundant love on Krishna.  By showing Love on Krishna with some sacrifices like devotional services, we can find and feel the real happiness.

Develop sincere love on Krishna.  Perform devotion sincerely.

Take the material problems as the mercy of Krishna to cleanse us from our past karma added by ourselves.

Fully engage in the service to Krishna and make yourself free from contamination.  Work for Krishna and always think of Krishna.

This is Krishna Consciousness.

And, this is the real happiness.

It is the view of Sri Rupa Gosvami and other acharyas. Read the Post below to know their views:

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