Is Mercy killing of disabled child allowed for a poor Parent with no support?

Is Mercy killing of disabled child allowed for a poor Parent with no support?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna, Prabhu namaste I would like to ask you one question related to my maid she has a boy 2.1 years old who has celebral plasty since the time of births . Doctors have been telling them the child will be cured slowly n will start to walk in 5 to 6 years. On seeing the child it does appear so . Prabhu please let me know what should be done so that the child gets cured fast . At present the child is bed ridden . Is the child born with disability is due to past karma n if so what is the remedy. Also is mercy death to such kids allowed or it will adding to the bad karma of parents. My maid is a very poor lady unable to bear the medical expenses of the child and is fed up of her life. Kindly advice accordingly I will inform her Please do not disclose my identity regards…………”


Sorry, even abortion of child within the uterus is not allowed by the scriptures.

Because, the child within the womb has right to live.

Who knows, that child may become a great reformer or devotee who is useful for the society.


We have no right to kill any person or child of any state.

Based on the scriptures, I have objected even organ donation by the brain dead persons as they are still alive and we actually kill them.

That Post is:

A person is considered alive till he is breathing and till his heart stops pumping.

Brain death means that the commander and controller is not alive.  But, all other organs are alive.

So, Mercy killing is not allowed.

Even the courts allow mercy killing very rarely.

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How can an innocent patient be killed for no faults from his / her side?

Of course, as you asked, it is the karma of every parent and the patient himself to get a child with such disability and for that child to take birth with such disability.

If a person makes someone permanently unconscious and disabled in this birth, he will take birth again with the same disabilities and face brain dead condition.

If the parents of that offender protects their son/ daughter from the punishments of law though he/ she gave the disability to another person.

This is karma and its reactions.

Whatever we did in our previous birth will EXACTLY happen for us in this birth.

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We will be given birth in such a family as a parent for such a disabled child.

Or, we may take birth as a disabled child.

We are thinking that our secret activties are not known to anyone as we do them in a hidden place.

But, the Chairman and Creator of the Karma Department is silelntly sitting within our heart as a witness for all our actions.

That chairman will be recording all our thoughts and actions.

Yes, thoughts too.

Who is that chairman of Karma department?

Who else? Krishna.

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In Tamil language, there is a saying:  “Theedhum Nandrum Pirar thara vaaraa” that means “Good and Bad reactions do not come from others.  It is made by ourselves.”

Karma is far better than Google.

If you use Google, it will record wherever you go by walk or travel by bus or train or air or car.  It will exactly record our every move.

Karma department is the daddy of Google.

It is unimaginably powerful.  You – even a king- can not escape from the sight of karma network.  It is such penetrating and powerful.

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Because, all of us are under the control of karma network headed by Krishna through the employees such as  Yama, Saturn, etc.

Ok, Let me now come to what you can do for your maid:

(1) The maid is really eligible for your support as it is our duty to help for suffering persons. So, help her financially once or regularly.

(2) There are many genuine NGOs that accommodate such patients and give them care either free of cost or for a genuine charges.  Find them and get that boy admitted in such an NGO.

(3) If there are any Government run free homes, it also can be recommended to her.

(4) If that NGO charges something, you can bear a part of the charges that will be helpful for her.

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(5) Give double salary to her than the market rate. She may run her life with dignity as she receives the support in the form of salary, not gift.

(6) Since the doctors have said that he can walk after his age 5, admit him in a home where there are the facilities of Physiotherapist to train him.

(7) Talk to the maid lady using sweet and encouraging words that is also needed by her.

This is the best way to deal with that lady who is suffering with a boy with cerebral plasty.

In any circumstances, do not recommend Is Mercy killing of disabled child as it will add karma for you too for encouraging her to do so.

Best of luck.

Let Krishna gives strength to that maid.


Author: RAJAN

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