Man and God are the same Concept – Why is it Mayavadic and wrong?

Man and God are the same Concept – Why is it Mayavadic and wrong?

A woman devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhu ! dandavath pranams ! one of my friends who is a non devotee asked like this…

‘From vedas to the Gita there are clear statements which say  “he has no form, he s bodyless, he is pure . im always confused with contradictions.    By definition, God means ”Omnipotent, Exceedingly powerful and Supreme, and Eternal”. Matching the characteristics of Man and God,we can clearly state that one cannot be two things at the same time. If he is God, He is. God is the ever-living, formless, One and only One God. He creates, sustains and also destroys at His will. How can we reduce The Creator into his creations?? If he is human,then he is just a Human. Being a God and Human, at the same time makes it logically impotent. :    But if you still think God has taken that Avatar,Then try matching His attributes to a Man’s. Obviously you’ll find differences!’

This was the text the person sent me .what reply should i give? i was baffled..since im an ardent devotee i couldnt stand it…pls reply. i would request you to keep my identity unrevealed..    thanks a lot..haribol!   hare krishna !”


This Popular “Man and God are the same Concept” is existing and misguiding the people.

Who said that Bhagavad Gita says that Krishna has no forms?  Ask your friend to read Bhagavad Gita sincerely.  He has shown His Visvaruph datshan itself to Arjuna in Gita.  He speaks Gita as a person.   I am sure that your friend has never read Bhagavad Gita properly, or he would have read any mayavadic texts.  As you are associated with mayavadic friends, you too are confused.

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That is why, Vaishnava acharyas like Srila prabhupada sharply warned us NOT TO deeeply associate with mayavadic philosophers who say that  you, me, and all are gods, and  Krishna is also like us and krishna is the form of Brahmam only, not a person. Unless we have skills to prove a concept, we should not mingle with the believers of other concepts deeply. Maha Prabhu, Bhakti Siddhantha Sarasvati, Srila Prabhupada, etc were sufficiently equipped to argue with the mayavadis and defeat their concepts. So, they entered into debate with them. If a sathaka (Student) enters into debates like that, his faith in his concept will get diluted and vanished. So, be careful in having close association.

“Man and God are the same Concept” is the wrong understanding of Krishna who mercifully comes to earth to elevate all of us. Just because He comes to earth, lives one among us like a human, performs lilas, etc, such ignorant people like your friend will treat Krishna as one of the men like them; Or, just a powerful man.

A doctor is usually wearing a coat and pant and he looks very decent.  But, let there is a calamity or war in which so many people have died.  The same doctor goes to the spot and attend all the patients on warfoot.  Will he look royal or decent or neat?  No Chance.  He has to act in a very simple and merciful manner. Just because that doctor is dirty with blood and puz, can we say that he is not a qualified and talented doctor?


No.  Similarly, all of us are in the emergency ward.  Yes.  This earth is like emergency ward in which all of us are caught in to the most powerful net of maya and we have been contaminated.  If we allow this contamination to continue, one day,  we will have to degrade ourselves further.  So, we have been caught by the most serious disease or contamination of maya.  We need a doctor to cleanse us, treat us and relieve us from this dangerous clutch of maya and take us to a safe place in which there are no effects of maya, no pains, no births and deaths.  So, Krishna comes to earth like a merciful doctor who comes to treat his patients in the war field.

Most of the times , Krishna sends some doctors as acharyas who come to earth, elevate the fallen people.  Sometimes, Krishna Himself comes.

As your friend is in ignorance, he can not understand that Krishna can do anything.   They are thinking that God does not have a form.  But, they can not answer, how crores of people can come from a formless.  If a son has a form, naturally, the father too must have a form.  Similarly,  all of us are the tiny parts from the body of Krishna.   Krishna is the seed for this material world.  As we came from Krishna, we have the same form, and qualities in small quantities.  As we have the form and qualities in small level, Krishna too must have a form and qualities in unlimited quantum.


Just because, Krishna  looks like a man, your friend should not consider Him as a man. In fact, only we look like Krishna, not vice versa. He showed His Vishvaruph darshan to Arjuna for some time as requested by Arjuna.  When Arjuna requested out of fear, Krishna showed his Sunder form again.

Sun emits sun rays. Can the rays be the Sun itself? Source is a giant form. The parts are of tiny form of same nature. Simple logic.

Can your friend do this by changing His darshan in different forms whenever he desires?  Can your friend hold a hill on his finger?  Can your friend marry 16,108 girls and expand himself as 16,108 forms of himself and live at the same time with all the girls?  Can your friend dance on a highly poisonous snake?  Can your friend create 100s of gopa boys & cows when they were stolen away?

Can your friend fix his time, date of birth and decide the associates to live with him?  Can your friend decide whom his parents should be when he takes birth as Krishna do every time when He comes to earth?

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What can he do?  So, tell him not to localize Krishna using “Man and God are the same Concept” just because He mercifully comes to earth to elevate His devotees.   Let Him either worship Krishna, or  keep his mouth closed without telling anything  offensive!  Silence is better than speaking offensive against Krishna.

Our senses are defective.  So, we can not understand Krishna as He is with these defective senses (Defective means, mortal and less capacity).   Even Brahma could not understand Krishna!  What to say about your friend?

Many people also consider the idols just as metals or stones and we worship them. Since everything we use is Krishna’s creation, we use every material to worship Krishna.

Why should we worship idol that is MATERIAL when we are advised to avoid material things?

Any material becomes spiritual if it is involved in Krishna’s service.   If you use a car for going to cinema, it is a material activity.  If you use the same car for doing Krishna Conscious preaching, it is spiritual.


If you use your mobile phone for talking to friends about actors/ players, it is material.  if you use the same mobile phone for speaking/ preaching about Krishna, it is spiritual.

Internet Media is a HIGHLY MATERIALISTIC medium that has so many criminals spreading their network everywhere using internet.  But, we are using the same Internet for preaching Krishna Consciousness.  So, we are making internet usage as spiritual activity.

Similarly, an idol is not just a metal.  It is the archa avatar of Krishna.  There is no difference betwen Krishna and His murthy.  As the metal is used to worship as Krishna, Krishna makes it as Krishna Himself.   So, don’t think an idol as just a material metal.  It is Krishna Himself.

So, Krishna is a Person and He also exists as idols, Prasadam, etc. If you consider the entire creations are that of Krishna, you will see Krishna in everything and everyone.

Hope this cleared your confusion about Man and God are the same Concept.

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Author: RAJAN

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