How our next country and religion of birth are decided by karma?

How our next country and religion of birth are decided by karma?

“A male devotee” asked like this:

“G i have one question.   After death people getting rebirth..they may be born in different religion in different countries they are not knowing krishna.

This may be sin for them not knowing krishna? or they go to the spiritual kingdom by following their religion correctly….(not hindu)?

For example, In present life one boy is born in hindu family and he met with accident he died and again he born in different family, Religion,country…  when he following the other religion(not hindu) he following everything correctly according to his religion and he have too love with god…whether he will go to heaven or he will take rebirth to know about krishna?  HARE KRISHNA….”


First of all, I like to clarify that religion is just a way of life. It is a set of instructions that can lead us towards perfection in life, in other words, towards God.  The Name of god may differ from religion to religion.  But, the goal of all religions is to make the people perfect.

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People have many targets in their life. Some people in the south extreme of India, Tuticorin, may like to visit Chennai atleast once.  Some people like to visit Delhi atleast once.  Some others like to see America atleast once in their life time.

Similarly, many religions prepares the people to go to some places after death.

One religion speaks of going to heaven. It says that if you follow their god or messenger of god, you will have a place in heaven after death.

Another religion may not believe in rebirth, and they speak of rewards and punishments that are enquired and decided in the court of God. They also say that the god has no form.

In a religion that has domination in India has different targets.  It says about going back to God who has a form.  It also speaks about mukthi, that is, settling down in the brahma jothi. It also speaks of demigods and the people who worship the demigods go to the worlds of those demigods.

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Thus, there are different targets for every religion.  But, all religions have a common factor:  TRAINING THE PEOPLE TO ACCEPT A GOD.  So, they recommend different processes and practices.

Usually, a person identifies himself with a religion that he embraced from birth itself.  In other words, the religion of parents is followed by the children also.

Now, let us come to your question.

Our status in the next birth is decided based on our activities in our present birth. Similarly, our next country and religion of birth are also decided by karma.  If a person is very materialistic and is willing to enjoy all material enjoyments in this birth, but, could not enjoy, he will be given next birth in a body and country in which there is no spiritual practices and hence he can enjoy all material enjoyments in that country.

If he was sincerely practising Krishna Consciousnes (or) Vedas and died without attaining a perfect state, he will be given next birth in India itself in a family that is already following all the spiritual practices and hence he can practice Krishna Consciousness / Vedic practice comfortably and go back to the Lord/ attain mukthi from that birth.

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If he was cheating innocent people in this birth adding serious sins, he will be given birth in lower planets like Bhadhaal loka where there is no following of religions.

If he had helped many people selflessly and materially, he will be sent to heavenly planets after death.

If he had practised Krishna consciousness sincerely, and had totally detached mindset from this material world and relations, he will go back to Krishna Himself and he will not come back unless he himself wishes to come.

So, if he embraces another religion in the next birth, that means, he had been very much attached in this birth with some activities followed in that religion.  For example, if he takes birth in a “Religion A”, but his heart was very much liking the spiritual practices of the “Religion B” in this birth, he will take birth in a family following the “Religion B” in his next birth. This is how our next country and religion of birth are decided by karma.

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We can not call this as sinful to follow another religion.  He liked that religion and hence he took birth in that religion.  No religion encourages the followers to involve in sinful acts. There may be some misunderstandings of the preached messages by the people. So, how can we call it as sinful?

Finally, we should keep the following TAIL PIECE in mind:



So, we need not give much importance for different religious practices and how our next country and religion of birth are decided by karma. Respect all the religions as they also help the people to lead a dignified life, but, surrender to Lord Krishna.  Because, Krishna is NOT JUST a God of a region alone.  He is the Lord of Universe.

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