Why Krishna always wears Peacock Feathers?

Why Krishna always wears Peacock Feathers?



There is a lila between Krishna & Radharani, behind this peacock feather.

Krishna wanted to show the Love of radharani with Him to this world. So, He decided to perform a lila with Radharani.

Once, Krishna took the form of a snake and Radharani took the form of a peacock.


Krishna said to Radharani :

“We will have a competition to catch one another”.

So, performing their conjugal love affair, in competition, Krishna in the form of a snake hided from Radharani as a peacock.

Radharani could not find Krishna. Radharani became bewildered, saddened, disappointed, not finding Krishna.

So, out of mercy and conjugal love for Radharani, Krishna came out of His hiding place.

When Radharani saw Her most beloved Krishna in the form of a snake she ran so fast to Krishna that she tumbled a couple of times.

Out of love and compassion for His most beloved Radharani, He went to her.

So, to make sure that He can not run away again, Radharani in the form of a peacock grabbed Krishna lovingly.

Krishna, as a snake, out of love, wanted this also, to be caught by Radharani.

So, after grabbing Krishna, she said:  “I have won this competition. What will I get from You?”

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Krishna replied:

“From today onwards,  I will put your peacock feather on my head for 3 reasons:  (1)  To show everybody that you have won the competition;  (2) to show everybody that I love you more than myself;  (3) and you my most dearest Radharani, who is representing the highest devotional service to Me.”

So, for this 3 reasons, Krishna wears Peacock Feathers all the time, that was representing Radharani, on His head.


Another reason is said that  peacock doesn’t have lust.  Among all the species,  only peacock is THE ONLY ONE which do not  involve into physical relationship for reproduction.  The female peacock drinks the tears of male peacock and thus gets reproduced.

However, this second answer is not reliable as the scientists claim that the peacocks do involve in physical relations.

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