Why Krishna does not correct us if He is within our hearts?

Why Krishna does not correct us if He is within our hearts?

“A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“i really admire the way you answer the questions,   iam originally from …………………  I have some understanding how god has created himself out of himself to play this divine game.   In bhagavat gita iv learned that it says that remembrance, intelligence and forgetfulness comes from lord himself, since jiva atma and paramatma both reside in a person, i wana know how is the jiva atma controlled by the lord? Since i see know that things getting bad here and there with less good people around. Or everything going accordling to the lords game plan , how things twisted from satya yuga going totally opposite in kaliyuga. I was just confused about this dillemma thats it. Well o well i have heaps love for lords devotees may you carry lord activities out well. hare krishna.”


Your worry is natural.  In brief, you have asked why the people are cheaters though Lord is within them as Paramathma.

Very interesting one.  These are genuine doubts that arise in all people’s minds. Why Krishna does not correct us?

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Actually, Lord is sitting inside us as Paramathma JUST AS A WITNESS watching all our actions.  He is waiting to be called by us.  He will be silently waiting till we call Him and pray “Krishna… Govindha… I am nothing…. I surrender to you… Please save me from my sinful acts and the material pains”.

Instead of thinking of Him, if we are thinking of many girls/ boys, material enjoyments, posh life, ego, pride, etc, Lord, as Paramathma will feel pity on seeing our actions from within our heart.  However, He will still remain as witness for our sinful acts.  He will think:  “This guy is involving in sinful acts ignorantly.  When will he think of me and seek liberation from this material desires?”

Once you start to think Krishna after realising that these material pleasures are short lived and end in pains, Krishna readily embraces you and starts to give all the favourable atmosphere for you to come up in spritual practice.  Before giving these facilities, He may test whether you are really willing to surrender to Him.  If you come out successful in His tests, you will be a fortunate person to taste the bliss of direct association of Lord.

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So, though Lord is within us, He will start to act only when we call Him.  That is why, the people are involving in sins though Lord is within them.

In our Facebook Page’s profile picture, you can see two birds.  One bird is Jivathma, ie,  that is tasting the fruit.  ie, We are tasting the material world.   Another bird is Lord as Paramathma.  He is watching the other bird tasting the fruits.  ie, Lord is silently watching us while we are involving in material pleasures.

Lord definitely fulfils all the prayers of the devotees.  If a thief prays for more looting cash today, Lord fulfils his desire through demigods.  However, if we ask Krishna Himself from Him, Lord gives Himself for us.

So, it is our discretion whether to ask material benefits or mercy from Lord.   Lord has given freedom for all humans only, not for other jeevans.   We can choose either liberating activities or binding activities.

So, there is no meaning in blaming Lord saying why Krishna does not correct us.  We only have to decide.

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Author: RAJAN

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