Solar system & Moon landing – Views of Indian Scriptures and Science!

Solar system & Moon landing – Views of Indian Scriptures and Science!

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu. I sincerely request u to clarify my big doubt due to which my friend is making fun of information given in our scriptures. My doubt is… Prabhupad was 100% sure that moon landing was a hoax because acc to SB 5.22.8, Moon is 800000 miles above the sun. Also he says humans can’t go there directly since it’s one of the heavenly planets… Does that mean Unmanned spacecrafts/satellites can go there and orbit around moon ?? If answer is no, then till date are the major nations fooling people by saying that they r sending satellites/rockets to moon? R the pictures of moon recorded by all these satellites FAKE ? Or are their satellites going to some other planet instead of Moon? Pls clarify. Another thing is .. in Purport of SB 8.18.5 Prabhupad says, moon nearest to earth than sun Should not be accepted because sun is the first and foremost planet acc to vedic order and that this matches with the vedic order of weekdays (sun to sat). But in SB 5.22 the distance of other planets are also mentioned which doesn’t match with the vedic order of weekdays for eg. In SB 5.22, the next planet above moon(which is above the sun) is Venus, then Mercury, then Mars, Jupiter and Saturn the farthest. So why this order goes against the order of weekdays? So weekdays have any other basis ? Thank u for reading my Q patiently.. pls hide my name. Hare Krishna thank you so much.”


Yes….There are many contradictions between Indian Scriptures and Science!

The Original Vedic Scriptures were slightly different from the ones we have now.

The vedic scriptures are existing since the time immemorial.

See, till the few thousand years ago, these confidential facts were transferred through guru disciple system.


Can all the gurus and disciples be perfect in their preaching?

No chance at all. In Dvapar yuga and kaliyuga, the scriptures were not properly transferred to the next generation.

Many verses were added with the scriptures or omitted from the scriptures by some persons intentionally or non intentionally.

Astrology is also a part of vedic scriptures. We have only a few parts of the original scriptures on astrology.

Even with these available scriptures, our astrologers predicted the date and time of eclipses, thithis, stars, exactly.

If their predictions are wrong, how could they calculate exact date and time of eclipses, thithis, stars, etc.

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So, most of the parts of the scriptures that are available with us now must be correct. Only a few additions or omissions may be there in mouth to mouth transmisssion.

So, though we can not rely on the scriptures completely, we can not deny the authenticity of the scriptures altogether.

We have to just take the extract of the concept given by the scriptures.

On that basis, there are no such complaints about vedas and upanishads because they do not belong to any particular sampradhaya or god.  Vedas and Upanishads are the universal scriptures that speak about the facts of the life and creations.

There are some issues of additions and omissions only in the case of Puranas.  Puranas were primarily the story forms of dharma explained by the Primary vedic scriptures including upanishads.

So, the details mentioned in the Bhagavatham or other Puranas about the creations may have some changes in due course of time. However, the parts about the gods and worships and glorification may be unchanged.


The puranas have so many controversies. Many researchers have written about the period and controversies in the contents of puranas that I have read. The Puranas have been written to make the faith of a person intact in a particular deity of his choice.  They have done that part well. They have given enormous information about the creations.  However, with some additions and omissions. That is the pint to be noted here.

Srila Prabhupada said based on these scriptures. He said s based on the fact that a person can not enter into another planet with the same body as he needs a body customised for another planet he visits.  However, he can visit any planet as sukshma body and take birth there.

The gross body will change from planet to planet.  The living beings of a planet can not be seen and felt by a person visiting from anther planet because his eyes are customized to see the things of the planet where he lives. The wavelengths, frequencies, sound decibals, etc, will vary in every planet.

So, we can not rely completely on the scientific discoveries. They may have both true and false statements.  The scientific theories are always updated when the previous theories are proved wrong. There are so many theories about the creations of this universe including Big Bang theory. They are not the end.  Every theory is verified and proved wrong by another scientist.


So, my views are balanced and practical in the matter of scientific facts given by the puranas and scientists.  I always believe that there may be mistakes in both the science and puranas.  Science is openly disputed by another scientist, but, he has to prove his new theory.

As far as the puranas are concerned, they are not actual version of puranas we have. So, we can not certify that every word of every purana is perfect.

However, Science has done some good developments in the space science. We can not deny the facts fully. Puranas saw the space keeping the earth as the base. Science sees the space keeping the sun as the base.

In vedic astrology, Both the sun and moon are the planets that show their influence in the life of every person that I myself have found true. The earth will show its influence on the persons living in the mars.

The scientists have really advanced to some extent and they have not discovered the facts of even 1% of the actual creations. Many facts discovered by them are correct and there are some flaws also.

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I believe that all the countries can not lie in unique voice in the matter of the space research. So, in this matter of space science, both the puranas and scientists have some flaws as those parts in the puranas may be the additions later.

Since the scientists of all the countries show some proofs about the other planets, we can not totally deny them just because we do not have that much scientific knowledge.  I do not have doubts in the words of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and other Indian space scientists.  They need not lie. But, there are chances for some flaws even in their findings. Because every scientific theory is subject to revision.

As agreed by Dr.kalam, going to other planets is possible by the science but, it will give no benefits for the mankind.  They have to spend many decades to visit the Pluto. And, there are innumerable stars in the creations and there are innumerable universes.  How many stars and planets we can go as our life time is just 80-100 years.

So, I believe that sending the missions to other planets is possible but there will be no use except knowing a tiny bit of knowledge about the creations. It is mere waste of money and resources to know about other planets.


Instead of doing research on other planets, the people should focus on the development and protection of this earth.

The man may discover a few secrets of the god’s creations. But, the nature will give a hit repeatedly to protect the divine power that is protecting the nature.  When the man was finding new medicines for every new disease, the nature is giving new diseases again and again. So, the man is repeatedly reminded about the power of the nature.

So, my conclusion is that both “Presently available” Indian Scriptures and Science have great benefits as well as some flaws in them.

The flaws in the science is because the theories are frequently updated by new scientists.

The flaws in the puranas are because the transmitting persons add or omit some parts of the puranas or manipulate with their own concepts to some extent.


So, both the Indian Scriptures and Science have both great benefits as well as a few flaws.

We should accept everything with some flaws in it. It is applicable for living with the people also. We can not get perfect people to live with, but, we have to live with the people with some flaws.

And, in this material world there is no flawless things including the conditioned souls as said by the scriptures. We ourselves have defects. Then, how do you expect the existing concepts to be flawless?

This alone will be a practical approach.  That is why, every Purana says about themselves that they are to be followed though there may be some mistakes in them.

I never think and write as a brainwashed devotee. I accept only the goodness from every sampradhaya, religion, leader, stories, scriptures, science, etc. I also recognize that ALL OF THEM will definitely have some flaws.

I strongly recommend this approach for everyone. It is up to you to accept it or not. But, my approach gives peace of mind and a positive mindset.

Hope you are clear now about the conflict of Indian Scriptures and Science!

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Author: RAJAN

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