How to identify good and bad activities to avoid sins in life?

How to identify good and bad activities to avoid sins in life?

Any activities that are recommended by the bonafide scriptures are good acts.  Any activities prohibited by the bonafide scriptures are bad acts. Simple.

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However, let us see a few examples.


Srila Prabhupada has said that one should avoid 4 activities to become a good devotee:

illicit sex.


In addition to that, we must avoid doing certain works for our earning and living:

Slaughter houses,
meat shop,
liquor/ cigarette sales,
speculative businesses,
cheating others with false promises for our earning,
activities that encourage immorality, etc.

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Then, as said by many scriptures, one should avoid:

speaking lies for their benefit.
Suppressing others for our own development;
giving promises and not fulfilling them,
ill treating other jeevans and torturing them,
killing any living beings,
spending money unnecessarily as wealth is the resource of Lord,
using spirituality for our own personal development, etc.

(D) Spiritually we must avoid the following:

Imitating  the acharyas;
Vaishnava Aparatha, ie, Blaspheming devotees (ill treating/ accusing);
Treating Krishna and demigods equally.
Thinking that Guru is an ordinary person like us.
Doing sinful acts in the strength of doing devotion and chanting.

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Thus, there are certain acts that should be avoided by all of us.

So, do a good  job/ business and earn the profit given as per your karma;  Spend a part of that profit for the service of Krishna;  Do all the  sadhanas recommended including chanting;  Avoid the prohibited acts mentioned above.  Learn the bonafide scriptures regularly.

This is enough to identify good and bad activities to avoid sins in life AND to make your human birth  meaningful.  This kind of life will elevate you to the Kingdom of Krishna and give you opportunity to eternally serve the Lord there.

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Author: RAJAN

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