Story of 12 Siravanas that clears the sins just on hearing or reading!

Story of 12 Siravanas that clears the sins just on hearing or reading!

‘Jankie Singh’ asked like this:

Sitaram. I learned so much about my dharma from your readings. May Lord Krishna bless you n with abundance. I read your article about the 12 Siravanas. Can you please give the story of the 12 Siravanas. Since I learned about them I face the South every morning as I awoke up and pay my
Respect to them. I also pay my respect first to Yama and my pitris and ancestors. Thank you.


Bhagavan says that the story of 12 Siravanas clears our sins just by hearing it.  This full Post is the part of the bonafide Purana Garuda Purana and explained by the Lord Narayana Himself to His vehicle Garuda:

“The deceased person’s Jeewan and Yama kingaras have reached the VAIVASVATA CITY”, that is, the City of Yama! This city has 144 Kadha (A measurement like miles) breadth! It has 84,000 varieties of living beings inside the city!  Gandharvas and Apsaras are also living there!


There are 12 assistants of Yama called SIRAVANAS, who inform the data bank of the good and bad karmas of every jeevan entering the yamapuri! So, all the jeevans entering that city will have to offer respects to all those 12 SIRAVANAS while travelling to Yamapuri! If the jeevans do so, those SIRAVANAS will inform only the Good Karmas of that jeevan to the Yama! So, all the jeevans must regularly offer his respects to all the 12 SIRAVANAS in their life time!”

Now, Suda Gosvami spoke to the Sownagathi Rishis who were hearing his Garuda Purana:

“Oh, Rishis! Hear me! Garuda, who is the symbol of Vedas, offered respects and asked the Bhagawan:

“Sri Hari! Who are those 12 Siravanas? Whose children they are? Why are they living in Yamapuri (Vaivasvatha City)? How do they come to know about the Good deeds and sins of the people from there? Please explain all these details to me!”

Then, Bhagawan Narayana starts to speak: “Oh, King of Birds! I will explain them! Hear them!”


“Garuda! During the Pralaya Period, Lord Maha Vishnu accomodated all the people, living beings and celestials within Himself and was in Nitra (Sleep) on the flood of waters! Then, Lord Brahma appeared from His body and performed penance for a very long period thinking of Sri Hari!

So, Lord Vishnu taught Brahma all the vedas and the secrets of how to create living beings in the world! Based on the knowledge received from Maha Vishnu, Brahma created the living beings in the world! Immediately after such creations, the demigods/ celestials headed by Rudra (Lord Shiva) started to perform their duties!

“Once the Brahma created Celestials, Yama  reached the town JYMINI, and did researches about how to know the sins and good deeds of every Jeevan on earth! However, he could not succeed in fully knowing all the acts of all the jeevans!

So, he felt worried and hence went to Lord Brahma and requested Him: “Prabhu! You have assigned me to record the good and bad deeds of jeevans and give treatments accordingly! But, even after so many attempts, I could not learn how to know their activities from my town! Only if I know that, I can punish the sinners and elevate good persons! So, please bless me with the knowledge to learn and do the needful!”



“On hearing the plea of the Yama, Four headed Lord Brahma took a kind of grass called DHARPA (used in all vedic rituals that looks like a slim straw) and throw it in front of Yama! From that grass, 12 children took birth with long eyes and beauty and the talent of learning all just by MIND EYE!

Then Brahma told Yama: “Hey, Yama Dharma Raj! These twelve boys are experts in finding what every jeevan think, speak, act, as if they were with them, through their divine capacity given by me! These boys will collectively tell you all about every jeevan! So, maintain your dharma with the help of these 12 boys!”

Hearing those words, Yama happily left with the 12 boys (and started his work of recording the good and bad deeds of the jeevans on earth and giving either gifts or punishments from that day!


“Garuda! When the life on earth ends, the yama kingaras would pull the micro sized & gas like Jeevan to the Yamapuri! There are two routes to yamapuri! Those who had done dhaan, dharma, and lived a pious life will travel through a Dharma filled comfortable route to Yamapuri and they will be taken by Yama kingaras on a plane or on horse!  Those who learnt Vedas & Puranas will be taken to the heavenly planets! All other sinners who never did dhaan and dharma will be taken by walk through uncomfortable route filled with dense forests, sharp leaves, hottest sand, etc, that makes the walking jeevan painful (with a temporary bocy as explained earlier)!”

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 Bhagawan Continued:  “If that jeevan (man) had respected those 12 Siravanas when he was alive, those Siravanas would have come now to help him and convey more of  the good karma of that jeevan to the Yama and help that jeevan to escape from the severe punishments decided by yama! In fact, those who offer respects to these Siravanas will never get the courage to do sins!  Let me tell you how to please the Siravanas! When alive, One must take 12 pots of copper pot, and offer along with the food to a brahmana! If he does like that, all these 12 Siravanas will help when that person dies and meets yama, by screening all his sinful activities!

Garuda, those who heard or read with devotion, about the birth story of these 12 Siravanas will be relieved of their sins!”

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Author: RAJAN

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