Right way of Spending the earnings to avoid karma!

Right way of Spending the earnings to avoid karma!

If a person spends  his whole earning only for himself and his family, he adds the karma thru earning.

To avoid the karma from our earning, we should share the earning to different persons.

Let us see them here:


Srila Prabhupaada says:

(1) 50% of the earnings should be given to Charity, ie, for the Vaishnava temples, Vaishnavas.

(2) 25% should be spent for his family expenses, and

(3) 25% should be spent for meeting future emergencies.

Thus, when we spend half the earnings for the service of Krishna, we actually purify our earnings.  So, such earnings will not add karma for us.

Though your background does not allow to spend this much, atleast spend possible percentage of your earnings for the service of the Lord.  Something is better than nothing and Krishna will clear the path so that you can spend more for His service.


In a popular Tamil book “THIRUKKURAL” that is referred and reverred worldwide by the scholars, its author Thiruvalluvar explains this formula for spending the earnings to avoid karma.


One should split his earning into SIX PARTS.

One part should be paid as tax to the government.

Another part should be spent for the rituals for the ancestors and for donating to brahmanas.

Another part should be spent for the service to the God.

Another part should be spent for the Guests who come to our home regularly.

Another part should be spent for helping the surrounding needy people and relatives.

Last part should be spent for his own expenses and his family.

Thus, if we spend our earnings as six parts, it shows that we are selfless.

Such selfless people will get the mercy of God easily.

So, they can avoid further births.

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Author: RAJAN

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